Beautiful morning!

Good morning! The coffee is brewing, the dogs have been walked and fed, and I’m getting ready to start a full day of nothing but writing. Husband has been booted out the door. I have my ‘Do Not Disturb Unless You’re Bleeding Out the Eyes’ sign on the door. My goal today is set at 2,500 words. I’m a slow writer. That’s a lot for me and considering what day it is, I don’t expect a lot of my fellow authors will be free to join in the writing sprint.

So, in lieu of companionship I’ve got my youtube music list set up. Wanna know which songs have hit my ‘Top Ten to Write to’ list? Sure you do. If you had anything better to do, you wouldn’t be reading this. 🙂

Here’s my list. 2,500 words of the next Masters of the Castle, written to a lot of coffee and this!

1.) Rob Thomas – Hold On Forever
2.) Meghan Trainer – Lips are Moving
3.) Griffinilla – Creepin’ Towards the Door (FNAF)
4.) The DNC – Feelin’ Good
5.) Meghan Trainer – Bang Dem Sticks
6.) Maroon 5 – Sugar
7.) Santana – Smooth
8.) Sam Smith – I’m Not the Only One
9.) Delta Rae – Dance in the Graveyard
10.) Linda Eder – Bring on the Men!

I’m always on the look out for more music. So if you’ve got the time today and feel up to answering this, put a couple of your favorite songs in the comments. Have a good day today and Happy Holidays no matter what you celebrate!

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    • Hi, Michelle. This book is going to feature Master Dominick. His love interest is fellow author and friend, Maddy Cameron. It will only partially take place at the Castle while the majority of the story will center around the Island, which is actually a series of small Caribbean islands in a pirate-themed BDSM resort so new that it’s not yet open.

      Rosa, the owner, calls in a favor to her long-time friend Master Marshall, who responds by sending Dungeon Master Dominick to help get Island policies and procedures lined out and the masters and mistresses employed there up to an appropriate skill level before the customers arrive. Maddy is the promotional adviser that Rosa hires to spearhead her advertising campaign by writing a series of publishable articles detailing the luxuries of the Island and what activities customers can expect when they arrive. The two meet on a plane flying in to the Island (along with a few other people–lawyers, insurance advisers, a Caribbean bureaucrat, and a few select people associated with prominent investors) and the sparks of attraction begin to fly.

      Maddy knows better than to believe she’s relationship material for a man like Dominick, but what she considers to be a well-earned and long-overdue one-night-stand with a man she finds irresistible, Dominick begins to realize is something else altogether. Enter stage left, the interfering influences of Tessa, the spoiled wife of the Island’s biggest investor, who wants Dominick’s skilled attention all for herself, and what you get is (I hope) a Master of the Castle book that people will truly enjoy.

  1. Hey Maren! Thanks for the peak – cant wait till the new Castle book is out! Do you have a release date yet? Anyway my fave Music of today is Alan Walker “Faded”! Enjoy 🙂
    Greeting, Nina

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