And on to the next one!

I have a book mark. The very first bookmark I ever got as a kid (talk about never throwing anything away, right? lol). It reads: Behind Every Good Book is a Lot of Housework Going to Hell. I’ve discovered that’s as true for writing a book as for reading one. However, as of this morning, I have officially caught up on a lot (not all, mind you, but a lot) of housework. So far this morning, I’ve done a load of dishes, three loads of laundry, cleaned my bedroom and changed the sheets, cleaned my desk, picked up the office (notice I didn’t say cleaned, lol), downed 1.75 pots of coffee, drilled holes in my desk to string up my sparkly lights…

christmas desk

See how pretty?

…and put on my monster socks…

monster socks


I am now–FINALLY!!–ready to start writing. Look out, Masters of the Castle, here I come!!!

2 thoughts on “And on to the next one!

  1. Oh Thank goodness, That’s the best news I have had all week. Get cracking Maren!! No time to clean, in fact if I was in the same country I would do it for you so you could get on with the writing 🙂
    love Jan,xx

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