Introducing debut author Keith Anderson!

I don’t host many authors and in particular, I don’t host many new authors at all. I don’t know why that is. Probably because I’m socially awkward. However, having read Pretty When You Cry and having enjoyed the stories immensely, I thought I would invite the author here to share his first book with you.

Introducing Keith Anderson, author of Pretty When You Cry.


Just kidding! lol Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Ahem…Keith Anderson and the real cover of his first ever book, Pretty When You Cry.

Pretty When You Cry 2

Hey everyone! I’d like to thank Maren Smith for inviting me to her blog to meet you all. She’s given me some questions to go over and then I’ll be sharing an excerpt from my short story anthology, just published on It’s called “Pretty When You Cry” and I’m very excited about and thrilled to be sharing it with you!

So! On with the questions!

What was the inspiration behind your book?
Well, “Pretty When You Cry” is an anthology of the best short stories I’ve written, six in all, plus a special advance sneak peek from my upcoming novel (more about that later!) and a poem to top it off. I’ve been writing in general since I was a kid. The oldest one from this collection is “The Game’, which was written back in 2006.
The different stories in this anthology have different inspirations. “Antici-” was inspired by the TV show LOST and its story telling device of the flashbacks. “Instruments” was inspired by an essay about the Leather Community written by Guy Baldwin about how certain kinky subjects were broached back in the Victorian era. I’ve been involved personally with BDSM since 2000 and have been active in our local community since 2009 and a lot of the BDSM activities covered in my stories are ones that I have either done personally or have been able to talk to my kinky friends personally about them.

You said you’ve been in the scene since 2000, is there a particular activity that pulls at you more than others?
I really love impact play. I enjoy spanking, flogging, paddling, and caning. It’s physical and involving and I get a visceral reaction from my bottom from these activities. I really enjoy the responses I get, I have to say it’s the main reason I do what I do. The squirming, the gasps, the yelps, watching their body tense and relax, their fingers clawing at the wood of a spanking bench or St. Andrew’s Cross and the noises.. I really love the auditory responses. There’s a George Eliot quote that really exemplifies this, “Cries of pain are music for his banquet”. That’s so ME! 🙂

Tell us about your next project!
My next project will be my first novel, which I am very excited and very nervous about! It’s called Kinky in Flatland and tells the love story between Jax and Holly, two people who happen to be in the subculture of BDSM. Jax is an old hand in the scene and Holly is a neophyte, each with their requisite baggage of issues in the past. Can old girlfriends, intrepid reporters and personal failings get in the way of these two living happily ever after? I started formulating the story when I was getting tired of whenever BDSM was on any TV show, it involved a chalk outline. So instead, I just wanted to tell a love story between two people who were active in the scene.
My second objective is that I wanted to remove the lifestyle from the trendy coasts or other fashionable hot spots. My story takes place in the Great Plains (which is why it’s called, “Kinky in Flatland”) and I wanted the characters to be believable real people, people you could really see living just two doors down from where you live. Because to be honest, that’s probably what’s happening anyway!

The excerpt I’m going to share is from a story called “Pretty Little Lies”, again available from “Pretty When You Cry”. Jax and Eve have met at a BDSM convention and after negotiating a scene have retired to his hotel room. Eve has been to conventions before, but this is the first time she has played with Jax, so she’s flush with butterflies.


Once in his room, he instructed her to disrobe while he lit some candles. The candlelight flicked shadows on the wall and she shivered slightly from her nakedness. When she saw him emerge from the bathroom, he had taken off his shirt and had put on some dark snakeskin pattern pants; he also had a length of rope in his hands. When he saw her, he smiled gently.

“Very nice, pet,” he said, as he took her hands and tied them together. His hands were strong, but they took care in tying her hands. The restraints were firm and as she struggled slightly she realized how real things had gotten. Her breathing got deeper as the helplessness set in and she noticed the slight moisture between her legs.

When he was done, there was a long tail of twin ropes left over. He wound these over and over in his hand, drawing her close. Close enough to grab her hair and pulling over to one side, he revealed her neck. He leaned in and she felt the brush of his goatee and his breath against her skin as she closed her eyes. Then his lips kissed gently up her shoulder and neck, making a slight hissing sound, then nibbled back down. She struggled slightly against the restraints and tried to move her head, but she was unable to stop his advances. She let out a sigh. Her nipples begin to tighten as they touched his body and her legs instinctively pulled together to deal with the tickles she felt between them.

He pulled away and looked at her beauty, smiling at her blush. “Lay down on the bed, pet, face down, with your hands toward the headboard.”

“Yes, Sir,” she said, and did as she was told.

He firmly took the ropes and tied them to the headboard, doubling each knot so there could be no chance of escape.

Jax went to the dresser where he had his floggers laid out and looked at them carefully. There were several different types, soft suede ones, some with cowhide falls which delivered a thuddy sensation, a crop and a tawse–twin leather bands the size of belts, but shorter, attached to a wooden handle. She breathed a small sigh of relief when he picked up the suede flogger to start with.

Starting at her feet, he trailed the flogger slowly along her calves and then across her ass. She wiggled slightly from the tickles as it continued up her back and then back down. The lashes then fell softly on her ass, warming her up. The strikes grew stronger until they felt like a massage, her cheeks warming as the blood rushed to them.

The lashes grew harder, amping up the pain, but they also slowed down, giving her time to process the increasingly wonderful sensation. Moans escaped her lips as the flogger lashed against her ass, leaving red trails behind. She felt the skin begin to tighten and swell as more blood pumped to the area and that’s when the endorphins kicked in. The next thing she knew, the lashes felt distant, but the pain was still there, transformed into bliss by her natural high. Her chest heaved as her breaths deepened; she grunted with each strike.

Then he stopped. He walked over to the dresser, picking his next instrument carefully, and she took advantage of the respite to breathe. The flogging had caused her to sweat against her pillow and also made parts of her body so wonderfully tingly, she couldn’t help but writhe against the sheets. A splitting pain against her left ass cheek interrupted all this. She yelped and instinctively pulled against her restraints, turning around to see Jax had chosen his crop.

“That was just to get your attention, pet.” He smiled.

He then patted his crop against her other cheek and swatted…hard. She jumped and yelped again, unable to help herself. Her breathing turned to pants as the cropping continued, a few soft pats followed by a whip-sounding smack, sending her deeper into a wonderful euphoria. Her body continued to writhe instinctively, a pool of wetness spread over the bed where her crotch lay. It went on for what seemed to be an amazing painful beautiful eternity. Her ass, like other parts of her, were on fire. Her moans were almost constant, punctuated by squeals and some screams.

From what seemed like so far away, she heard him say, “There’s probably a part of you that wants all this to stop, and then there’s that other part of you, that just wants this to go on forever.” He smiled. “That’s the part I like.”

He had grabbed his tawse and slapped it hard against her raw ass.

Her legs bent at the knees on reflex as she screamed and grunted, her hands balling up into fists, pulling hard at the restraints, but they held firm, she whimpered at her helplessness. He tawsed her again harder and deep grunts came on every exhale, through her gritted teeth. She would relax and then would come another strike sending her again into heaven and her body would just react, as if on autopilot.


“Pretty When You Cry” is available HERE, at or borrow it for FREE from the the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber!

Thank you for reading my post! I can be reached at the following places, please feel free to shoot me an email or check out my blog and Facebook, I love my FB friends! 🙂

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