Owning O Part 4


Part 4 of Owning O, now available in Masters of the Castle new boxed set – When the Gavel Falls

He opened the box and withdrew the collar he’d had Kane make especially for the occasion—black leather and silver chains, with a pendant locket that, when opened, read simply: ‘Owned’. That was what he intended to do this weekend. He was going to own her, so completely and so devastatingly that when she returned to the Castle next month, she would do so ready to discard her hard limit. For Alan, and Alan alone.

That was the dream, anyway.

He pocketed her collar. The leashes, he knew, were already piled on the table where Parker would be handling the financial aspect of tonight’s transactions. Taking a deep breath, Alan strove to quiet the giddiness and regain a semblance of inner calm. He pulled himself out of the fantasy zone in which his mind kept wanting to wander—not yet, not until the auction was won and he had her kneeling at his feet—and then he left his third-floor apartment above the schoolgirl library and went down to join the other Castle guests below.

* * * * *

Tavy Sutters sat on the foot of the bed in the room she’d been assigned. Her corset lay spread out on the comforter beside her, but she didn’t look at it. The rest of her things were still in her duffel bag, sitting on the floor just inside the door. She hadn’t bothered to unpack and probably wouldn’t at all this trip. It was one of the perks of volunteering for the auction. All the submissives taking part in this week’s holiday activity had received their stay for free. For once, she didn’t feel like she was taking advantage of the resort by not paying for it the way everyone else did.

Not that she didn’t pay in other ways. Sweat, blood and salt-stinging tears were her currency, and of those her account was drained every single month. She just never paid with cash.

This time was different though. Her meals and room were free as usual, but in return for her participation in the charity event, Marshall had promised an extra perk—a second stay to be redeemed in whatever month she chose, as well as two days over the weekend once her allotted time as a ‘slave’ was done.

She rubbed the back of her hand, not yet sure whether or not she was going to stay for those extra days. She supposed that would depend entirely on the man who bought her, and whether the severity of his punishments were harsh enough to silence the gnawing guilt eating her up inside.

To Be Continued…

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