Owning O Part 3


Owning O part 3 of the Masters of the Castle When the Gavel Falls boxed set.

Alan put down his hairbrush. He opened the top drawer of his dresser and took out a thin box: a perfect square, six inches by six inches, no less than two inches deep. He set it on top of the table, bracing his hands on either side while he took a deep breath to settle his firing nerves.

Somewhere in this Castle, the annual New Year’s Eve party—an event scheduled to last from Tuesday to Friday—was already underway. In the more sedate programs, puppies and kittens were being tucked into their kennels. Ponygirls were being brushed and bedded down in their stalls. People were already gathering on the back lawn to watch the fireworks scheduled for later that evening, a display so spectacularly renowned that Granger locals—temporarily forgetting the stigma attached to having an adult resort in their backyards—lined up in lawn chairs along the highway to catch tantalizing glimpses of the shimmering bursts of fire and light above the trees.

And somewhere, somewhere in the half-torturous and half-magical depths of this old stone fortress, Tavy was climbing out of her civilian clothes and into her costume. She was putting on an auction prize number and the black velvet ribbon that signaled she was a submissive; an article he couldn’t wait to take off her and replace with something more meaningful.

The Meet and Greet event had started ten minutes ago. Men were readying their wallets and picking out favorites amongst the auction participants milling among them. Tavy wouldn’t be there; Alan knew that from experience. She never mingled at Castle functions, not unless she was forced. But every Dom preparing to take part in tonight’s special proceedings would know she was attending. The name ‘O’ was on the register—lucky number seven—and that register had been posted on all three ballroom doors since noon. It was on the postcards that littered the dining tables, and would undoubtedly be in the pamphlet that would be handed out at the auction’s start.

There would be no shortage of bidders. This was going to cost him some serious money, and Alan knew that, but backing out now was not an option. If ever he was going to skirt her hard limit of never playing with the same man twice, tonight was his chance. The only one he’d probably ever have. Tonight, he was going home with Tavy and for the next four days, she was going to be his and his alone.

To Be Continued…

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  1. Hi Maren, I really really loved this book, it
    is definitely my favourite of the set. I love how your men always rescue their heroines so kindly. I imagine your husband to be a great dom!
    love Jan,xx

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