Introducing Sharing Silver

It’s day 2 of introducing the authors of the latest Masters of the Castle box set, When the Gavel Falls, set to be released this Saturday!


There are five books included in this set. That’s right, five brand new Masters of the Castle novels by some of your favorite spanking authors and you’re going to get to meet them all right here! Every day this week until Saturday, I’m going to showcase each of the five books in the series. Come and join us this weekend for the release party where we will be giving away free copies of the entire box set, free books donated by each of the authors, a $50 and $25 Amazon or B&N gift cards, and a brand new Kindle Fire! So if you haven’t done it already, friend me on Facebook and join us this weekend for the When the Gavel Falls Masters of the Castle release party!

Meet Tabitha Black, author of Sharing Silver.

Sadly, the story part of this has been deleted. Meeting Marshall will be coming out soon.



It’s been six months since her vanilla marriage ended in divorce, and Sylvia is craving some fun and excitement – not to mention kink. So when her friend Rosa tells her about a slave auction being held at her workplace, the Castle, Sylvia throws caution to the wind and signs herself up to fly all the way to America to be sold off to the highest bidder under the nickname Silver.

Gorgeous twin Castle Masters, Travis and Trevor, can have any girl they choose – and frequently do. The only downside to topping female guests, however, is the fact that there’s never enough time to build trust. So when Trevor hears about the auction, he decides it’s time to be selfish, and he and his brother set about looking for a plaything they can do whatever they want with – a girl with as few limits as possible.

When Silver and the twins meet, the chemistry is instantaneous and palpable. But all too soon, something more begins to develop between the three. What should have been a few days of physical excitement turns into an emotional roller coaster – not only for Silver, but for Travis and Trevor as well.

Overwhelmed by the events at the BDSM resort – and her feelings – Silver tries to get to grips with her past, as well as the fact that she’s rapidly falling in love with the two biggest playboys in Ohio.
In turn, Travis and Trevor are smitten by the mysterious girl from Australia, but whenever they try to get closer emotionally, she clams up. Can the twins make her see what she means to them before it’s too late, and Silver gets back on the plane home?

Interested in reading more from Tabitha Black? You can find her here:

Twitter: @BlushingTabitha

6 thoughts on “Introducing Sharing Silver

  1. Oh Maren, if the books are half as good as your introduction posts, you’ve got some runaway hits on your hands. Such creativity!! How naughty of you ladies to be called to Master Marshall’s office.

  2. Mrs Smith, your intro’s are equally as good as your books & i can not wait to read the other authors take on the castle & the Masters! i just knew those twins would be back LOL.

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