Introducing Owning O

Sadly, the first part of this story has been moved into a book of it’s own. Meeting Marshall will be coming out soon.


Good morning, everyone! And welcome to the imminent release announcement of Owning O, the next in the Masters of the Castle series to be released this Saturday in a 5-book box set: When the Gavel Falls.


That’s right, five brand new Masters of the Castle stories by some of your favorite spanking authors and you’re going to get to meet them all right here! Every day this week until Saturday, I’m going to showcase each of the five books in the series. Come and join us this weekend for the release party where we will be giving away free copies of the entire box set, free books donated by each of the authors, a $50 and $25 Amazon or B&N gift cards, and a brand new Kindle Fire! So if you haven’t done it already, friend me on Facebook and join us this weekend for the When the Gavel Falls Masters of the Castle release party!


She’s the most highly-coveted submissive the Castle has ever known. She never says no, never cries her safeword, and never plays with the same Dom twice. For years Alan has watched her, always looking but never allowed to touch until the night the Castle hosts its first ever charity auction. Seizing his chance, Alan bids, but defeating the other Doms in the audience is only the first and easiest step in his bid to own the infamous O. Freeing her from herself quickly proves to be much, much harder…Owning O.

Welcome to the Castle.

21 thoughts on “Introducing Owning O

  1. Wow Mrs Smith, now i am really jealous you not only got to go to the castle! But you are going to meet Master Alan! LOL i think what you’ve written is really cool & i really can not wait to read Owning O [Master Alan revealed at last YAY!!!] & all the other books in the MoTC series to see the other Masters too.

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