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Boy, I haven’t been on here in a while. I have no excuse apart from the trials and tribulations of life in general and falling severely behind in my story deadlines. I suppose this is where I say my New Year’s resolution ought to include doing a better job of blogging, but between writing, play parties and Candy Crush, seriously, who has the time? lol I’m kidding about Candy Crush. It’s Wartunes.

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Welcome to another round of Saturday Spankings! Holy Hannah, look at all the authors signed up this week. I’m willing to bet every single one of them is far more “with it” than I am. At least, they’ve got the distinction of never having forgotten a new book release. Yeah…oops. Fifty spanks to me with a wet noodle. Or a belt. It’s been a while since I’ve had fifty smacks of anything, so I’m not going to be picky (please, please don’t pick the noodle).

…Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Saturday Spankings snippet.

I actually have waaaaay too many stories on the cusp of being either finished or released, which gives me tons of great snippet possibilities. But with my latest release, I haven’t posted much of anything so that makes the choice a whole lot easier: Have Paddle, Will Travel (you can read the first chapter here).

Season Two of Corbin’s Bend has some truly awesome stories by good and seasoned authors. Before the holidays came along and hectic-ed (Author! I can make up words if I want to) up my life, I got to curl up in bed with a new CB book every other night. I loved the first season’s stories, but these are even better. If you haven’t tried them, please do. They are some of the best spanking/DD-oriented romances out there right now. I count myself as fortunate to have been a part of this series for the first two seasons. I’m not ashamed at all to admit that I liked the premise from the start: a community founded on the same sort of DD principles that my husband and I strive to live by. I’d move there in a second if it really existed.

In the first season, I explored the neighborhood with Last Dance for Cadence. If I hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t have done a book for the second series at all, because it was one of those throw away lines that infiltrate every story and help flush out the characters, the settings, and the plot, that was the driving inspiration for Have Paddle, Will Travel. For those of you who read Last Dance for Cadence, do you remember the scene where Cadence and Venia Varner were sitting at the kitchen table looking over the newspaper and they ran across a certain car for sale? The ad read: “Fully furnished spnk mobile. Sound proofed interior, 3 foldouts, sleeps 8, kitchen, bath, private bed. Low miles, drives great. Take your fun down to the lake. No one’ll be the wiser.” Even before I was done writing Last Dance for Cadence, the characters for Have Paddle, Will Travel were forming in the back of my mind. Ettie Thomas, the prickly Corbin’s Bend journalist who hadn’t been taken in hand for so very long that she was living on the cusp of sub frenzy. Vance Foster, her neighbor across the street, who custom made paddles and straps in his garage and who offered up his lap and strong-right arm for those unattached submissives in the community who needed it.

If you’re familiar with my work, you probably know it’s a crap shoot if my next book is going to be more serious than humorous or more humorous than serious. For this one, I really wanted a return to fun and funny with a few serious undertones to keep the characters grounded, but something that would hopefully keep the reader smiling throughout. If I can get a chuckle or two out of you, drop me a note. 🙂 It’ll really make my day to know I’ve succeeded.

So, without further delay, here is a snippet from my latest release: Corbin’s Bend Season Two: Have Paddle, Will Travel.


The set-up: It’s one of those “anything that can go wrong, is” days. A freak snowstorm has trapped mortal (in her mind, anyway) enemies Ettie and Vance together in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. As much as she doesn’t want to like him, Vance is proving exceedingly likeable. The deeper he works his way under her skin, the more she mouths off. In this scene, Ettie has all but dared him to go out and cut a switch. He doesn’t. He cuts two. Now, standing face to face, with the tense eroticism of the moment closing in fast around her, Ettie has a choice: If she takes her own pants down, he’ll only give her nine with the switches. If he does it, she’ll get sixteen.

Her reply?

* * * * *

“You’re doing it wrong. In my stories, the count always goes up in lots of six.” It was the stupidest thing she could have said, but she couldn’t help it. It was just what came pouring out of her mouth.

“I know,” Vance said, mildly amused. “I don’t want to be predictable. You’re still running your mouth and I can tell by your face that you’re hoping I’ll give up and walk away. I also know if I did that, I’ll probably destroy any future chance I might right now have of kissing you until your toes curl up tight like little pink buttons. Sweetie, I find myself wanting very, very badly to kiss you until you’re all button-toed. It’s going to be the next best thing to kissing you breathless, but then you couldn’t run your mouth and since that seems to be your only way of asking me to spank you, I’m not sure I want to take that away.”

* * * * *

The blurb: When a freak snow storm threatens to cut off the already remote community of Corbin’s Bend from the rest of the world, the residents scramble to get enough emergency supplies from neighboring towns before the mountain roads are closed. It’s sheer luck of the draw that force Ettie and Vance into the same car together. The only problem is, they can’t stand one another. She’s a submissive who hasn’t been spanked in four very long years (four years, seven months, thirteen days…not that she was counting). He’s the resident paddle and strap maker, a man known to answer the call of needy submissives everywhere. In his workshop at home, Vance has every implement he’d ever need to win a war like this. In a car in the middle of nowhere with the storm of the century bearing down upon them…who will win this particular battle was anybody’s guess.

Have Paddle, Will Travel – Now available for $4.99 on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and as soon as they get fully transferred to their new web platform, Blushing Books.

Also, don’t forget to check out the other amazing authors who have posted their snippets in this week’s round of Saturday Spankings.

12 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks 1/3/15

  1. Great fun snippet Maren, love the interplay between them and the premise of this story. I absolutely loved Last Dance for Cadence 🙂


    • 🙂 You’re welcome, Roz. And thank you too. I like sassy interplay between subs and their doms. I tend to get mouthy myself, which amuses my husband (fortunately) but which has in the past annoyed a few others.

  2. Maren, I think it’s the holidays that have been getting in the way with not as many people not particpating. You’re in good company. This is my first time doing SatSpanks again. I’ve been gone for like a month.

    Great snippet! I can’t wait to read this Corbin’s Bend!

    • Thanks, Meredith. Fortunately, we’ve got a whole ‘nother year to go before the holidays start coming at us fast and furious again. That gives me nine months to get my act together! lol

  3. This sounds like the CUTEST book! Love the travel spanks idea and the title is da bomb. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. I loved the bit where Vance meets Macsquirrel and he knew the “girlish scream did not come from the squirrel” that had me in fits of laughter, I keep picturing the scene from The Great Outdoors film with John Candy with bat lol. I love your books especially the humour like in Vardens lady where she decided a the castle in half with a chalk line, brilliant!! More please no pressure (I lie lol)

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