2014 Spank or Treat!

The Spank or Treat blog hop is over! I want to apologize to the other authors. My weekend was so busy, I didn’t have time until this morning to visit everyone. I have to say though, congratulations, ladies! The stories this year were WONDERFUL!!! Demons, witches, warlocks, shifters and a phoenix, with plenty of hot spanking action to keep even the most wayward among us (who would that be…Ana or Kate?) sitting tenderly and happily!


Because Mistress Mine is going into the Spank or Treat Anthology, I am removing it from my blog so issues don’t arise with Amazon later on. I am right now loading up my squid hat with names and the drawing of the winners of the two $10 Amazon or Nook gift cards will be announced at midnight tonight! Good luck, everyone!


72 thoughts on “2014 Spank or Treat!

  1. Well…I’ve been thinking about this one. If I could rid one thing from this world, I think I would choose prejudice. This one thing causes most of the pain in the world. I think it would take away a lot of other stuff, since prejudice doesn’t usually work alone.

  2. If I had the power to rid the world of anything it would be hate and prejudice which go hand in hand. I detest any type of prejudice : prejudice based on color, sex, sexual orientation, disabilities, social standing and the list goes on……..
    I think many more people will agree rather than disagree with me.
    Thanks for entering this blog hop.

  3. Cruelty be gone!! And I’m not talking about the “cruel to be kind” kind of cruelty. You’ve all seen the pictures and video clips. Animal cruelty, cruelty to children, spouses, the cruelty terrorists take such pleasure in, and the list goes on and on.

    Your entry in the Spank or Treat Blog hop was very hot, and I’m anxiously looking forward to the release of the anthology to read more about Miranda and Ana.

  4. If I could abolish 1 thing in it’s entirety I think it would be bigotry of any kind. Racial, sexual, physical or mental. I try to raise my kids to be accepting of anything different. I feel that the human race would be a better place without the hatred.
    I love your writing and have followed it for a while. The characters for your new book seem to add a softness (maybe just because they are female) to your writing. Thank you for the energy you put into your writing it makes it so much fun to read

  5. I think if there was one thing I could get rid of it would be fear – because that’s what sparks all the hatred and abuse in this world. Fear of not having enough, fear of not being enough, fear of what they don’t understand. That’s what I’d get rid of.
    So great to read your tale, Maren.
    Siobhan (W)

  6. I loved this one and I so can’t wait to read Ana Adored! I would have to say that I want closed-mindedness gone. With an open, accepting mind, there would be no judging of others, and any other negatives.

    HAFortman@gmail.com Amb W VIP (maybe? Not sure but I was in Sci Fi Spanks 2014)

  7. This is great…can’t wait to read the entire story!

    If I had the power to rid the world of one thing, it would be hate…hate encompasses so much…intolerlance, judgmentalness, predjudice, small mindedness, gossip, fear (of what you don’t understand), selfishness, unforgiving. I could go on…there is so much rolled up into hatred…if I was able to rid the world of that one emotion, it would rid the world of the rest…at least IMO. πŸ˜‰

    catsbrighteyes (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. Oh wow! I cant wait to read this full story! You anx Ana working together means it will be fantastic. I need this book like yesterday! Haha

    to answer your question I would choose cancer and other awful things that plague us…

    thank you so much for participating!! My email is kristinelyon@live.com. I’m VIP. AMB. W.

  9. So happy to see we get to see the rest of this story in the anthology!! If I could rid the world of one thing it would be rejection. Sounds weird and I’m not even sure it’s possible but if I could I would, because so many problems and hurt comes from some form of rejection. Thanks Maren loved the story!!! πŸ™‚

    Kelly Bear VIP/Amb

    • Yeah, I know. I was so tempted to just post the whole thing. I mean, surely the word-count police will be so busy over the weekend that they won’t even notice little ol’ me breaking the rules. But then I thought…naw, I probably won’t get spanked for it, so there’s really no point in misbehaving.

  10. Wow, could you have picked any worse a spot to stop. Who says we have to follow the rules… I thought that’s what being naughty is all about… breaking rules. Really enjoyed the story and look forward to reading the rest. If I could eradicate one thing in the world it would be fear. I think most hate, distrust, and evil starts with fear. Whether it is fear of change, something being different or fear of the unknown, it seems to create an echo of hate. Fear is the thing I would eradicate. Thanks for the story.

    • Yeah, but if I break the rules too badly I won’t get invited back next holiday. πŸ™‚ See, and here’s something few people know about me: I am the WORST author when it comes to teamwork participation. I was barely here this weekend, so I didn’t get to participate in the meet the readers chats, or any of the party stuff that Ana spent so much of her time organizing. Hat’s off to these ladies. They really worked hard to make this year’s Spank or Treat fun. All I did was write a story. Bad, Maren! No biscuit!

  11. Oh Maren! WELL DONE!!!! I am so pleased with your efforts in Ana Adored! I am not too patiently waiting for it!!! Please do more F/F, please!! You are so good at it!

    If I could rid the world of something I would like to have religious zealots done away with. They simply do not care how their actions affect others past causing damage to those they claim to love and/or protect.

    Thank you so very much!

    Ambassador Princess Brat W, VIP

  12. Dang, I wanted to read more!! Great excerpt though,.. I love Ana & Miranda! =)

    If I could rid the world of one thing? Oh this is tough cuz I have two,… Hate & diseases!! Hate because i’m sick of seeing all the violence because of the hate. That’s all we seem to see on the news lately,.. all the killings & violence. And i’m just tired of all the nonsense. =(

    And diseases because I don’t like seeing anyone suffer! When I was 13yrs old my older brother got lung cancer, & I watched helplessly as it ate away at him & he lost his life! =(

    Take care & I hope you have a great weekend!
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

  13. I would rid the world of suffering, whether from disease, famine, mental anguish, cruelty at the hands/words of others, etc. I really like the different sides to Ana and Miranda that we see from your story and Ana’s.

    • Because it didn’t fit in Ana Adored as anything other than filler. If it doesn’t progress the story forward, then good scene or not, it has to go. I have files and files full of deleted scenes on just about every story I’ve ever done.

  14. The one thing I would rid the world of would be racism. Living near Detroit, MI I still remember the race riots of the late 60’s. Such a waste. I know so many wonderful people of all races. A person truly should be judged on the strength of their character and NOT the color of their skin.

    • You know, I grew up in Washington state. I never saw racism anywhere except in the history books, so I honestly thought it was something of the past…until I moved to Arkansas. Now I’m in Kansas, and it’s very sad to see how racism is very much alive and well…on all sides of the color-issue fence.

  15. I don’t usually enjoy F/f stories but I have to admit that I really really liked this story. It was very hot and exciting and I found myself drawn in. It was beautifully written.
    If I could rid the world of one thing, it would be prejudice (including my own). I’ve been guilty of judging a book by its cover when meeting new people. I have since found that when I make an effort to get to know someone, my first impression (good or bad) was wrong.

  16. There are so many things in this world that we should be rid of. I agree with most everyone that prejudice is something we can live without. Doesn’t matter if it’s your skin color, relationships, religious preference they all cause hate in this world. I don’t judge and I wouldn’t want someone to judge me.

  17. Why does the thought of a squid hat not surprise me? But it makes me laugh.
    As I have mentioned on a few blogs, I am getting an education on this hop.
    I want to rid the world of liars. That of course might mean most politicians, lawyers and newspeople, but I think we could adjust.

  18. that’s right πŸ˜€ go blaming your teasing on word count restrictions πŸ˜€ But it was wonderful. I do love the mix of yours and Ana’s stories and I know I’ll love Ana Adored ’cause I want both- the emotion, the care, and the hot sex and I’m sure you both did a great book

    and shaming of any non-consensual short. yup. that’s my wish for things to go

    • I do blame the word count restriction (although, just between you and me, I did go a few words over anyway). I was being very good because Ana was getting short-tempered and she has this thing for wooden spoons…and my address.

  19. Loved the story….I first read f/f stories on a blog hop last year…and decided i loved them. I would eliminate….prejudiced…..we were all created equal it is our differences that make life interesting.
    hugs abby

  20. Whew! Great story! What a place to leave us….. So much anticipation!

    I am not sure I can pick one thing but I will try. I believe that if we could eliminate poverty many of the other problems in the world would become nonexistent! Often when there is need, people become desperate to fill their real hunger for basic necessities.
    If those were taken care of-we may not have war, judgementalism, prejudice and many other by-products of fighting for the human right to live well!

    Oops forgot my email….
    Minellesbreath264@gmail.com VIP

  21. Geesh Maren! I guess we’ve got to read the story now lol. I wish we could eliminate hate. Hate based on fear hand in hand with bigotry, prejudice, etc. I think it’s basically okay to have those feelings. We are a product of who we are, how we’re raised, and the experiences we have. We can’t control whether our experiences/family/religion taught us to be intolerant. What we can do is control our reactions. So much of the world’s problems stem from fear based hatred. Nobody has to like what their neighbor does. There’s no need to hate or persecute for it.


  22. Oh, both of your stories have made me want to read Ana Adored. But, I’m wondering the same as Tara. Why was this scene deleted? It’s great!

    If I could choose one thing to eliminate on this planet, I would want to get rid of hate. I think that would solve many other problems.

    VIP (W)

    • Thanks, Jessica. I deleted the scene from Ana Adored because it didn’t move the story line forward. It read like filler instead. It was a good scene, but even good scenes have to get cut if they don’t fit in the story.

  23. I would love to have all people understand that homosexuality is not a sin and that people are people and it does not matter who they love. For me, I’d get rid of bullying. I was bullied in grammar school and still all these many years later I still remember how helpless I felt at that time. Thanks for participating in the Hop. laurah2727@yahoo.com. VIP

  24. If I could choose one thing to eliminate, it would be hate.
    I love this excerpt, especially “Mama’s little helper”! The choice of a hentai hat for a sorting hat fits well with the gorgeous shibari in the story.

    emmasmom69 AT gmail DOT com

  25. What a fantastic snippet, but why was it deleted? It was definitely hot! I can not wait for the next in the MOC series, I have read them all and frankly, more than once πŸ™‚ If I could rid the world of one thing it would be intolerance of others. You would think in the year 2014 people would be able to accept others for who they are, period.

    SH VIP shavro6@gmail.com

    • Aw, thank you, SH! I deleted the scene from Ana Adored because it didn’t move the story line forward. It read like filler instead. It was a good scene, but even good scenes have to get cut if they don’t fit in the story. You should see some of the cut scenes I have for the other Masters of the Castle books. lol

  26. What a story, Maren! Yowza!

    As for your question, I’d say that “me first” attitude, selfishness. That is really at the core of much of the conflict in this world πŸ™

    fedora at gmail dot com

  27. Love the rope bondage!! It intrigues me although I have never experienced it myself. I have read most of the Castle series and look forward to adding this one. If I had the ability to rid the world of one thing it would be child abuse. It is unthinkable that adults find power in destroying something as pure as the love and trust of a child. I’m not referring to simple discipline but the sould destroying beatings, verbal abuse and neglect these poor children are subjected to.

    • I was really lucky with this one. I got to attend a rope class the week before I sat down to write this story. The instructor was funny and a lively entertainer with a “No pervert left behind” philosophy. So that made the class tons of fun. Plus, I got to be tied up for a while and experience some of what Ana did.

  28. First–wow, what a fantastic scene. I like these characters more every time I see them. And, of course, I know you and Ana will always treat the subject matter with respect. I really enjoyed this, Maren.

    Second–I would choose willful ignorance. Ignorance is one thing and causes so many problems as it is, but it can be cured. Unless an individual is willful about it and insists on clinging to their ignorance, even when enlightenment is right in front of them. I think so many of the vices pointed out in all the comments stem from willful ignorance.

    Again, terrific post, Maren, and thank you for sharing. πŸ™‚

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