A Stern Talking To

Maren, I says to myself, you have got to be better about updating your blog!

But I don’t have anything interesting to say, I mutter. How do all these other authors keep coming up with so many new and different blog posts? All I wanted to do was write a book! There wasn’t anything back then in my job description that says ‘and keep a fascinating blog’!

That’s because, I snip back, when we first started writing the Internet hadn’t been invented yet. No more excuses! Write something phenomenal! Be brilliant, damn it!

Oh, my God…Have we had enough coffee today for brilliance?!

Fake it, woman!

Groan…sigh… All right, look…I can either write 2000 words today on this blog, or I can put that effort and energy into putting out the next book. Which is it going to be?

…yeah, okay. I’ll brew up another pot of coffee and get the curry started. You figure out where we left off in Stolen Memories…

7 thoughts on “A Stern Talking To

  1. There are even authors who keep two blogs!! I’m not one of them as I’m on your posting schedule obviously 🙂 but hey, 2000words toward a book or toward a post will always be book for me… Glad I’m not alone.

    Did you say curry?

  2. Since I love your books I would like you to keep writing your books. I don’t write anything on my blog and just post my reviews. My life is rather boring and other then food shopping, Dr. visits and haircuts, I don’t have much to say. I do have a WIP which may be finished in 5 or 10 years, lol.

  3. I always love your blog posts! But I love your books more! It’s hard to blog and write. I have been blogging less and less because I have been trying to write more. Normally a blog post comes up because I have something I want to talk about and my husband seems like he’s done listening to me blather on. So really it’s for selfish purposes and not for the people who actually read my blog.

  4. I started a blogging before I started writing. First, there was just Aimless Ramblings, then I started adding stories one day a week and then progressed to writing books. Now, between all that, viewing blogs, promoting books and life, I’m exhausted and today I have to come up with another story for next week and work on my latest book. The real problem is the time goes just too darn fast.

  5. Maren, I’m an author myself and one of the hosts of the Big Little Podcast. I really loved Pets: Bach’s Story, and would love to have you on an upcoming episode of the Big Little Podcast, all about ageplay and erotica. Please do get in touch ASAP if you’d like to join us.

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