One Oops and One New Book Release!!

First, the oops. I goofed and I need to correct it.

The Corbin’s Bend Season 2 exceptionally awesome discount package (you know, the one that ends in 4 very short days) is available for a very limited time at 33% off the cover price of all the books. I was mistaken in how the books were going to be delivered. They will not all be available at the same time. However, by buying this package at the discounted price, as each book is published, you will automatically be sent your copy.

Okay, that’s the oops.

Now for the New Release.

Karly's Wolf_ARE

It’s about flippin’ time, isn’t it? I have been working on this book forever, but it’s finally finished and it went live this morning.

On the run from her abusive husband, Karly Whitaker flees across state lines and finally settles in an old mining town called Hollow Hills. Starting over has never been so scary. To make it worse, on her first night in a new place she hits a dog—the biggest, blackest, wolf-like creature she has ever seen. Although he appears more dazed than hurt, Karly takes him home. But while it’s comforting not to be alone, it’s hard to ignore the strange things happening around her. All she wants to do is hide from her husband, Fish and Game won’t leave her alone, her gun-toting neighbor scares her to death, and every morning Puppy vanishes, leaving her to deal with Colton Laurens all on her own. Colton—the dark-haired, honey-eyed Game warden, whose gentlest touch makes her battered heart ache and whose hungry kisses burn her from the inside out. For the first time in her life, Karly knows what it’s like to live unafraid, but with more than ghosts haunting her footsteps, she’s beginning to suspect not everything in Hollow Hills is what it seems…

Karly’s Wolf is a Penny Alley book, which means THERE ARE NO SPANKINGS in it. Only the smallest spanking reference. “If there’s no spankings in it,” you cry, “why are you posting it here?” Because, dear reader, it’s my blog and, damn it, I worked hard on this! I’m proud I’ve finally got it done! And shout out to a fabulous editor, Rose Lipscomb for working hard and late on this for me.

If you’re here for the spankings, more spanking, and only the spankings…well, that’s okay too. I’ve got other stuff in the works and other Maren Smith books with tons of spankings on the verge of their own release date. So please bear with me, they’re a-comin’.

If, however, you enjoy shifter-romances and are interested in giving my alter ego a try, then Karly’s Wolf is probably a good place to start. Available for $2.99 on Amazon only. Click here to read the preview.


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