9/20 Saturday Spankings Once Again

Boy, has my poor blog been neglected. In my defense, however, I’d like you all to know, I’ve been writing my little fingers to the bone!

Ana Adored – Done, and chapters deep in the editing process.

Karly’s Wolf – Done, returned from editing. returned from the Betas, and final edits finished! It will be published this week! Woot!!!

Have Paddle, Will Travel – Only 2 chapters left to go, and I’m rapidly running out of time.

So, which story am I going to use for this week’s Saturday Spankings clip? Have Paddle, Will Travel – the book I’m writing for Corbin’s Bend Season 2.

The Blurb: When a freak snow storm threatens to cut off the already remote community of Corbin’s Bend from the rest of the world, the residents scramble to get enough emergency supplies from neighboring towns before the mountain roads are closed. It’s sheer luck of the draw that force Ettie and Vance into the same car together. The only problem is, they can’t stand one another. He’s the resident paddle and strap maker, a man known to answer the call of needy submissive women everywhere. She’s a submissive who hasn’t been spanked in four very long years. In his workshop at home, Vance has every implement he’d ever need to win a war like this. In a car in the middle of nowhere with the storm of the century bearing down upon them…who would win this particular battle was anybody’s guess.

The set up: They’re already in the car. Let the arguing begin!

* * * * *

A caress of needle-like prickling moved up the backs of her thighs and across the stinging surface of her bottom. It was a fight to keep from doing something stupid then, and she hated herself for that—for her sudden inability to give him that one good reason he seemed to need to close the inches between them and just blister her. She hated herself even more because of all the people she should want standing this close to her, threatening to spank her in this ominous and yet oh-so intimate way, why oh why did it have to be this…this…this horn dog?

Vance tipped his head, studying her with dark eyes that saw way too deeply and understood way too much. “Why, Miss Thomas,” he said, his breath pure warmth against her cheeks and his tone as silky as it was smug, “can it be you actually want me to take off my belt?”

“Yes,” Ettie said, in an instant as shocked as he was by the honesty she hadn’t been able to keep locked behind her lips. She went on the offensive and quickly buried that awkward truth under the first lie she could come up with. “Come at me again, and I promise I’m going to strangle you with it.”

14 thoughts on “9/20 Saturday Spankings Once Again

  1. I am so looking forward to your season two CB offering. I just loved this blurb. Can’t wait to read it. Last Dance for Cadence was one of my favorite book of the first group. It will give me something to read during these long winter Michigan nights!

  2. Good to have you back on your blog Mrs Smith – wow you’ve been busy! 🙂 – still reading Last Dance for Cadence – but will get Have Paddle, Will Travel when it comes out 🙂

  3. I’ve been missing your posts coming to my email, Maren.

    I can’t wait to see more of the chemistry between Ettie and Vance, this snippet sent the sparks flying off my computer,

  4. Good heavens, a Maren post! I’m already panting for the next round of Corbin’s Bend! Ettie and Vance sound like such a perfect couple, even if he is a horndog with a paddle! Or belt, as the case maybe.

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