Last Dance for Cadence is Here!!!

Congratulations to my winners!

Natasha Knight

Leigh Smith

Ruth Stanton

Yours are the three names I’ve pulled out of the squid hat! (Yes, seriously.)

I’ve sent you all emails and as soon as you let me know which format you prefer, (and as soon as the Kindle and Nook links go live) I’ll send your prizes. Thank you so much to everyone who played. This was a lot of fun and it did help to pass the time while waiting for my newest release.

9 thoughts on “Last Dance for Cadence is Here!!!

  1. Congratulations to the winners – you lucky so and so’s. I just got an email from Blushing Books and Last Dance For Cadence went on sale at midnight. A very special congratulations to you, Maren. To all the writers of this wonderful series – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Please think about continuing this series. I’ll be there with bells on.

  2. YAY!! Thank you!!! This makes me happy – especially since I forgot to put my neighbor’s rooster away last night and he’s been going since 4am waking up the neighborhood… mad neighbor visits today I think. 🙁 I’ll hide out in the back yard with my new book! Thank you lady.

  3. Thanks Maren and yes I am a lucky devil, Roz.
    Congratulatons on the release and thanks for the teases, they have been great.

  4. Congratulations to everyone who won and Maren you too for the new release. Thanks for helping us pass the time while we waited.

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