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The winner of a free copy of Kate Richards’ For Ben is….Renee! Yay!!! I’ve sent you a private email and will get you your story just as soon as you email what form you prefer to read it in. 🙂

Tomorrow is, of course, Last Dance for Cadence! The count down is almost done, but there’s still time to play. Check out the first day’s post and get commenting on any posts you’ve missed! All three winners will be announced tomorrow just as soon as I confirm that the story has gone live!

His arms felt good too, strong and comforting, folding in around her as if he had no clue whatsoever just how much she hated him. Despised him. Wished he were dead, even, buried under all these Colorado mountains, just one gigantic and flat bloody smear with the weight of the rocks crushing his bones into dust.

“It’s all right,” Marcus murmured, stroking her hair. “It’s all right, Cadence.”

But it wasn’t.

She felt the brush of his hand as he gently rubbed her back and something deep inside her, something so thin and fragile that she hadn’t even known it existed way down in the deeps of her flesh and soul, snapped. She felt it, the crispness and cruel irrevocability of that break. And Cadence, who never, ever cried, felt it when he folded his arms just that much tighter around her, as if he too had felt that brittle snap, and totally fell apart.


The blurb:

The ad read: “Full-time housekeeper/nanny position. Live-in preferred. References and experience required. Salary negotiable. Apply in person.”

Cadence Westmore knew she wasn’t qualified for the job, but for a paycheck and an apartment, she was determined to apply. As an ex-dancer with two bad legs and no experience with children, she expected to be turned down. What she didn’t expect was the instant attraction she felt when Corbin Bend’s resident doctor took her in his capable hands.

A widower with three boys to raise, Dr. Marcus Devon knew he needed help. But he also knew Cadence Westmore was the last person he should hire. Still he gave her the job, opening his home and his life to a woman as stubborn as she was lovely, and as determined not to need him as he was to make her his. She was her own worst enemy, pushing herself to exceed her wounded body’s physical limitations until the doctor finally stepped in to apply some good old-fashioned bare-bottom medicine. The more she rebelled, the more he took her across his knee until at last Cadence realized if she wasn’t careful, she just might lose everything all over again.

11 thoughts on “1 Day Left!

  1. Oh boy, I was already looking forward to this release, but this passage sealed it. I can’t wait. I’m under deadline and have 5000 things to do and I just know it. I’m not going to be able to concentrate until I read this one when it comes out. It sounds powerful.

  2. Oh Cadence. So much emotion in only 9 sentences. I knew 9 sentences were better than 8.
    I’m so excited for this release. I purposefully haven’t started another book so I can be ready for this one.

  3. Once again Maren with only a few sentences you’ve have us on the edge of our seats waiting quite impatiently to be able to read Cadence and Marcus’ story.

  4. Ugh, I would call you evil, because that just made me tear up a little– but it comes out tomorrow! woot! This was so fun, Maren. Thanks for feeding my addiction, and good luck with the new release 🙂

  5. Yes! I just knew she was going to let go of that anger and accept his sweet arms around her. Of course now we have to wait until tomorrow to read the whole story. Only one more day to go {woot woot}. Thank you again For Ben I am looking forward to reading that one too. Have a happy 😀

  6. I just can’t wait until tomorrow when I will be able to read the entire book. The snippets have prepared me for what should be an incredible read.

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