7 Days Left of the Last Dance for Cadence Snippet Run!

The winner of a free copy of Kathryn R. Blake’s A Simple Misunderstanding is Roz! Yay!!! I’ve sent you a private email and will get you your story just as soon as you email what form you prefer to read it in. 🙂

That was so much fun, I’m going to do it again! Everyone who comments today will be entered to win Thianna D’s Finding Their Bliss, the first book in the Corbin’s Bend series. If you haven’t already bought this book, now’s your chance to get a free copy! If you already have it, just specify that when you leave your comment and I’ll still put your name in to win one of my free books, but that’ll give someone who hasn’t already got a copy of Thianna’s book a chance to win. 🙂 Remember, each of these books is a stand alone story. You don’t need to read the entire series in order to keep up with what’s going on. So if you’ve never cracked a Corbin’s Bend book until now, don’t let that stop you from playing. You’re still going to enjoy this book!

If you missed the rules for this fun little game, check out the first day’s post. It’s not too late to play or to go back and make comments on posts you’ve missed in order to be entered to win one of three free copies of this book! Winners to be announced on the 23rd!

Her knees buckled when she tried, and Cadence more collapsed onto the chair he’d positioned behind her.

“Naughty bottom on the seat,” he said, before tapping an invisible spot on the wall directly in front of her. “Nose right here.”

Did he mean that figuratively or…?

Cadence bent uncertainly, but he didn’t correct her, not even when she touched the tip of her nose to the off-white paint of the wall.

“You have five minutes of timeout. I’ll come and get you when you’re done. If you come out of this corner before then, I will put you over my knee and I will spank you for real.”


The blurb:

The ad read: “Full-time housekeeper/nanny position. Live-in preferred. References and experience required. Salary negotiable. Apply in person.”

Cadence Westmore knew she wasn’t qualified for the job, but for a paycheck and an apartment, she was determined to apply. As an ex-dancer with two bad legs and no experience with children, she expected to be turned down. What she didn’t expect was the instant attraction she felt when Corbin Bend’s resident doctor took her in his capable hands.

A widower with three boys to raise, Dr. Marcus Devon knew he needed help. But he also knew Cadence Westmore was the last person he should hire. Still he gave her the job, opening his home and his life to a woman as stubborn as she was lovely, and as determined not to need him as he was to make her his. She was her own worst enemy, pushing herself to exceed her wounded body’s physical limitations until the doctor finally stepped in to apply some good old-fashioned bare-bottom medicine. The more she rebelled, the more he took her across his knee until at last Cadence realized if she wasn’t careful, she just might lose everything all over again.

13 thoughts on “7 Days Left of the Last Dance for Cadence Snippet Run!

  1. Oh no the dreaded corner time. Just once wouldn’t you like to put the D/HoH’s nose in the corner?C’mon be honest. Just take the back of their neck and smush that nose in there. Anyone? Great imagery – I got goosebumps reading this. I already have this book as I received an ARC.

  2. Mmmm…. When I read your stuff, I always giggle a little first, then get all hot and bothered!! I know you wanted that detail. Hey, I have Thianna’s book and it’s awesome so give it to someone else if my name is the one drawn!!

  3. @laura that would be a funny sight.
    7 more days. I can make it.
    I have Thianna’s book. I am leery about reading new to me authors, but I gave her a chance. It was awesome.

  4. Oh wow, I can’t believe I won! Thank you so much Maren and Kathryn, so looking forward to reading this! Congratulations to you both on your new releases.

    Love the snippet Maren! Love the imagery too 🙂 The dreaded corner time!


  5. Ahhh corner time… so the chair wasn’t just a kind gesture. Should have figured.. I do have Thianna D’s book thank you.

  6. Seven more days…Seven more days…..Seven more days….I have the book thank you anyways though. Great snippet thanks Maren!!!

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