An end to June; the beginning of July

Goodbye, A to Z Blog Hop. Hello, July’s version of the NaNoWriMo. Yes, once again, insanity has me in its grip and I’m going to attempt to write 50k in a month. I don’t have a desk yet. My old one had gone through three moves and just plain did not survive being taken apart yet again. So, we bought a new one. It just hasn’t been delivered yet. In the meantime, I’m working from my laptop on a TV tray in a living room surrounded by boxes, both unpacked and not. The only hint of normalcy lies in the DVD bookshelves. Early on, I put the bookcases up against the wall where they now live and filled them with DVDs. They are now alphabetized and in their proper places. We don’t have a TV or DVD-player hooked up to play them yet, but they are, at least, “put away.” That gives me hope for the rest of the house.

We are all the way moved now. It took three U-hauls and a trailer, but the Hubby and I have moved out of the old house and are now in the new one. Yay. I’m returning to the old house tomorrow for the last and final (where’s something wooden to knock on?) time to sweep the floors and shut off the utilities. Then it’s off to Dad’s house to spackle the heck out of those walls and make sure the renovations are going where they need to go.

That wasn’t at all what I started off wanting to talk about when I decided to do a blog post today.

A massive, giant thank you to Celeste Jones for the inspiration and motivation to get the A to Z blog hop started and to keep it going. It was a lot of fun, though I didn’t get to participate in it anywhere near like I should have. In my research for it, I did find some new and interesting authors to read. Hopefully, you did two. All two of you, faithful readers, you know who you are. 🙂

As for the prizes for the Sci-Spanks, those are set to be announced tomorrow! We have been asked to withhold the winners for our own personal blogs until then so everyone can be announced at the same time. So, while a winner for the $10 Amazon or B&N gift card that I am giving away has been picked, I will be announcing it tomorrow., just as soon as I’m cleared to.

3 thoughts on “An end to June; the beginning of July

  1. Nice work on getting the DVDs organized!! I have a friend who always alphabetizes her spices first thing. 🙂 Thanks for participating in the A-Z challenge– I also didn’t get to participate as much as I hoped, but was grateful for all the participation!

  2. I hope you find the time to unpack and write your 50K, if anyone can do it, you can! I hope your desk comes soon. I balanced my laptop on a tv tray all through the Christmas season when we had to relocate my desk for the Christmas tree- that is a bit of a challenge!
    Happy writing 🙂

  3. Dear Mrs Smith really going to miss your A-Z i looked forward to each day during june! Glad to hear you got your unpacking prioritys right – don’t suppose you could come organise my dvds? 😉 wow 50K very best of luck to you. i always use my laptop on my knee as i find sitting at a desk painful, but hope you are soon back to how you prefer to be for writing. Take care & keep unpacking 🙂

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