Last Dance for Cadence Cover Reveal!

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Woo hoo! Finally my Corbin’s Bend story, Last Dance for Cadence, has a cover, a blurb, and a release date. 🙂


Coming out July 23rd, Last Dance for Cadence will be, I believe, the 8th in the Corbin’s Bend series and I’m already lining up to write another, probably due out something this fall or winter. 🙂 Yay!

The ad read: “Full-time housekeeper/nanny position. Live-in preferred. References and experience required. Salary negotiable.  Apply in person.”

Cadence Westmore knew she wasn’t qualified for the job, but for a paycheck and an apartment, she was determined to apply. As an ex-dancer with two bad legs and no experience with children, she expected to be turned down. What she didn’t expect was the instant attraction she felt when Corbin Bend’s resident doctor took her in his capable hands.

A widower with three boys to raise, Dr. Marcus Devon knew he needed help. But he also knew Cadence Westmore was the last person he should hire. Still he gave her the job, opening his home and his life to a woman as stubborn as she was lovely, and as determined not to need him as he was to make her his. She was her own worst enemy, pushing herself to exceed her wounded body’s physical limitations until the doctor finally stepped in to apply some good old-fashioned bare-bottom medicine. The more she rebelled, the more he took her across his knee until at last Cadence realized if she wasn’t careful, she just might lose everything all over again.

2 thoughts on “Last Dance for Cadence Cover Reveal!

  1. hi Mrs Smith, wow handsome male model you have there on the cover! The story sounds great, i am getting very interested in CB, not brought a single book yet because i’m waiting for your’s 🙂 & it sound wonderful, i can not wait to see how you handle the BDSM element & children! Glad to hear your going to write another one as well, just hope you still write more MoTC as well 😉 i want to hear the story of a certain Master! 🙂

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