N is for Non-Consensual Consent…or Consensual Non-Consent as it is known when I don’t have to start off with an ‘N’ word


N is for Non-Consensual Consent…or Consensual Non-Consent

as it is known when I don’t have to start off with an ‘N’ word.

The stiff thick material of the gown seemed to creak as she moved, extending her hand for the pen. It was slippery under the lace gloves as she slowly picked it up. She could feel her fingers shaking, the closer she drew her hand to the paper.

She knew that for at least the next two weeks her body would be used in every way a body can be used. She knew that when she signed her legal and full given name at the bottom of the document that her fate would become sealed, that she would then belong not just to Trey, but to every member of the Sacred Sacraments of Service.

Whether Man, or Woman, she would be at their disposal and required to comply and do without question or hesitation, anything they wished.

Consensual Non-Consent is one of those tricky subjects that either attracts or repels a person’s interest.

I know I've already done this picture once, but I really like it.

I know I’ve already done this picture once, but I really like it.

For me, I enjoy a good non-consensual story so long as consent (no matter how dubious) is given at some point. I do not want to read about rape; but I don’t mind reading about a woman being aggressively seduced against her will so long as that same seduction becomes everything she has ever wanted in her entire life. She needs to need it every bit as much as she wishes she didn’t. I like that kind of duality. It’s something I’ve felt in myself back when I was first exploring what parts of this lifestyle appealed to me. What parts were normal. What parts I should embrace and what parts I should be heartily ashamed of wanting as much as I did, in fact, want it. I think just about everyone when they’re first beginning to explore their kinky side feels that same kind of mortification. That ‘I can’t believe I’m turned on by this. What’s wrong with me?’


Being 6’4″, he bent slightly as he offered her his open palm.

“Thank you, Sir,” L said easily, accepting his hand.

“NO L, you will no longer call me Sir. Tonight, I become your Master as does every other man or woman in the society in which you have just so shortly ago agreed to become a part of. I am going to forgive you only this one time because it is a very special night. But need I remind you L, you no longer have a voice. There is no longer any need of your thanks or your gratitude in words. You are no longer my submissive companion, L, you are now my slave. Your thanks and gratitude will now be shown explicitly in actions alone…”

I like rough sex. I like reading about women who wish they didn’t enjoy rough sex even as their bodies gleefully respond to it. And I really, really like reading about men who wring these responses out of their women when under any other circumstance that very same scenario might well be considered rape.

Rape is wrong. I shouldn’t have to say that. Rape in literature should only happen if it is a pivotal part of the plot and it should not be eroticized. But rape and non-consensual consent are two very different scenarios. Rape is a crime. Non-consensual consent is a well-communicated, highly structured BDSM scenario that is agreed upon by all parties before it begins. If you do the former, you ought to go to jail. If you do the latter, pick out a safeword and call me sometime.


“You are going to be punished while you are here, L. You will be punished for any and ALL disobedience no matter how small or petty you may feel it to be.” He paused. “For the next thirty minutes I am going to bring you to the brink of your tolerance, and then I am going to push you past it. I think it important for us to know your limits ahead of time, so that we can focus on your endurance as well as your training.”

These little snippets I’ve been using come from L.A. Cloutier’s ‘The Story of L Box Set’. Upon occasion I have a great love for capture style erotica and while in this story L is neither captured not held against her will, she does sign herself over to an the S.S.S., removing from herself the right to just get up and leave at any time should things progress beyond what she’s comfortable enduring. This type of scenario is one of my secret fantasies. I’d love to be subjected to that sort of thing for a few hours or an evening. Whether or not I would ever have the courage to express that desire to someone willing to bring it out of dark fantasy and into reality for me, I don’t know. So, for now at any rate, I’m forced to exorcise this particular demon only through books.

He pawed at her cheeks, squeezing them, testing the pliability of her flesh. L’s body stiffened and he chuckled. “Are you scared, L?”

“Yes, Master C” her voice wavered.

Then his hand came down on her backside, swift and hard. L’s body jolted and she bit at her bottom lip, but refused to cry out. Again his hand came down, but on her other cheek and her legs stiffened. She felt him adjust his right knee and then in quick hard succession he laid some heat to her bubbly jiggling rounds of flesh. L started to squirm and whine through her tightly pressed lips. Master C did not stop though.

Over and over he struck her cheeks and she began to buck in refute. She curled her legs up in an attempt to hinder him. He forced them back down and delivered a blow to the back of her thighs. She started to yelp as his hand caught spots he had previously struck. “Do not refuse me, L,” he growled his voice a deep baritone. L forced herself to stop struggling. “Good girl,” he said softly and stopped only long enough to retrieve a paddle that she had not seen him get.

“You’re strong willed aren’t you, L?” He gave her no time to answer and smacked her bottom with the heavy wooden paddle. L couldn’t contain herself and she cried out in a shrill, tremor of a scream. Her fists were balled up tight as he delivered more hard smacks that made her lurch, buck, and cry out.

Tears were now streaming from L’s eyes as she wailed at the serve pain to her bottom. Out of reflex she curled her legs again, only to have that paddle connect with her thighs and parts of her calves.

“STOP…PLEASE,” L lamented. She imagined that her butt must be cherry red by now. Fire seared through her and she couldn’t control her sobs and screams any longer.

Master C only tightened his hold around her waist and then he brought one of his legs over the top of her thighs so that she couldn’t curl up her legs anymore. This is when his blows became the hardest of all. L thought that her rear must have been bleeding by now with the force he was using. Her pelvis was partly touching the edge of wooden stool and each time he brought down the paddle she was compelled to thrust forward causing pain to her front as well as her backside.

L was frantic and desperate for this to stop, her fists now banging down on the concrete floor, the irons biting at her wrists with each impact as she cried out. One shrieking scream after another until they built into a steady crescendo. Her voice filled the room and echoed off the walls and then finally he stopped. She could hear him breathing hard as her trembling body continued to flinch and jerk with aftershocks.

L couldn’t stop the sobs that kept erupting from her throat, nor the tears streaming from her eyes. Surely this was far too severe to be called punishment, this was abuse and L wanted out of here and away from his man…

‘The Story of L’ Boxed Set is one of L.A. Cloutier’s earlier works and does need editing. However, it not only showcases the eroticism of consensual non-consent in all its rawest angles, but if ever you could see the possibility of a fictional story taking place in the real world, this is it. A woman signing herself over to a BDSM group for training, being forced to explore her limits and even being taken beyond them, as happened above, with no recourse other than just to take it–that could be a real life event.

Then again, maybe it’s a good thing for demons as dark as this to reside only in fantasy books. That old adage ‘Be careful what you wish for’ is considered wisdom for a reason.cf12c8e7fbe5df2e46f70f2c6f17b60806ce7cfe“The Story of L”, is a recounting of a woman’s odyssey that will make “The Story of O” pale in comparison.

Stories within a story that will make readers hot with desire, wickedness, and envy giving them the impetus to overcome the repression of their most secret fantasies, prompting them to allow their desires to become realities…

Trey loves her submissive heart, but he wants more from her. He wants her to be his slave. He arranges to offer her as a pledge to his secret society. L knows little of what she is about to experience, but she knows that Trey loves her and she wants to make him happy any way she can, even if it means enduring two weeks of slave training at The Inn.

At The Inn, one of the Masters takes a special interest in L. He knows it could cost him his job, but something grips him deeply about her, driving him mad, and he too, wants her… to be his.


L is in store for a few new surprises when she finishes her slave training at The Inn. Trey has taken the liberty of moving her out of her apartment. Telling her employer she has quit her job and has decided to take her on a vacation to the Caribbean Islands.

While on their trip he explains to her why he has entrusted Clay to take care of her discipline and punishments. As L settles into her new life, Trey gives her some reading assignments in order to help her better understand what it means to be – his slave. L remains contemplative about what Trey really wants from her until he announces an upcoming business trip. And although L doesn’t know it yet, he has a surprise in store for her just before he leaves.

Not wanting L to be alone during his absence he arranges to have her stay with Clay.

Clay is intent upon making the most of her stay with him and holds a few surprises of his own, but all does not go according to plan when something unexpected happens that affects them all.


Although free from her duplicitous master, L is anything but free. Now she has reason to believe that he has stolen her identify and embroiled her in his embezzlement scheme. Worried that she will be implicated, she works to clear her good name.

Now that she’s free, Clay is ready to finally make her his and his alone. However, that hope dwindles when L expresses her desire to end her membership at The Inn. She no longer wishes to be a pleasure slave or to have another Master in her life. What will that mean for their future together?

In the final book of the trilogy, L’s odyssey into the world of BDSM continues. But after a betrayal from her last master, can L learn to trust again? Will she trust Clay enough to share both her heart and her secret? Can this turbulent couple learn to set aside the pain from the past and find Redemption?

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5 thoughts on “N is for Non-Consensual Consent…or Consensual Non-Consent as it is known when I don’t have to start off with an ‘N’ word

  1. That was hot. I agree, there’s something to (consensual) non-consent. I think your idea of an evening would be good – the rest is better in books at this moment. The trick in those books is to hit that right spot where a capture turns into something erotic and beautiful and not something ugly that is taken from her. In a way, for romance at least, this is why I love an HEA. It is a relief to know that in the end, they will fall in love and live happily every after…simple but I like it. Life is complex and it’s ok to have that HEA to rely on at times.

  2. Love LA’s work and love non-con in all it’s glorious forms. There’s something about a woman and forced seduction that makes my knees melt. Dark erotica. Oh yes, beautiful – take me, shake me and make me want it. Yum 😉

  3. The Story of L is hot as hell. LA really knows how to get under your skin, push the boundaries and yet do so in a way that doesn’t have you screaming no, (more like yes!!)
    I agree, rape is rape and for me, it would never be welcome in any erotica I want to read, but Dub con – or consensual non con…Skin tingling stuff 🙂

  4. There is another place for consensual non-consent, too. That’s when the heroine falls into the clutches of the bad guys. I say that’s consensual because the heroine assumed the risk. Or she disobeyed an order. Or made a big mistake. The question is how bad are the bad guys? I don’t think rape works in those scenarios, so I never use it. But flogging/caning etc.? You bet. The heroine must endure to keep the secret, not spill the beans, stall for time,etc. (and sometimes it leaves her turned on and needy). To me that is a scene with a sort of implied consent.
    It’s a fine line sometimes, and Amazon is all over the issue of non-consensual sex. It will get you adult-tagged or worse, so it’s something that takes some care in the way it is presented.

  5. What a wonderful and informative post Maren. I am so sorry this comment is going up so late. I was super busy most of June trying to get ready for a spur of the moment trip to Colorado. Thank you so much for featuring The Story of L trilogy for me. Huge thanks to those of you read and enjoyed the books.

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