M is for Menage


M is for Moving, which is what I’m doing. So, please forgive me. It’s fifteen minutes until this is supposed to go live, and I’m still trying to write something coherent and my brain is totally gone.

This is your brain while moving.

This is your brain while moving.

Okay, okay. Sorry. M is NOT for moving. That was just a test.

M is for really for…Menage

M is for Menage the way A is for Anal. The letters just go together, but what makes a good menage? Apparently, time and a lot of grapes.

Sorry, sorry. Couldn’t help it. But seriously, asking what makes a good menage is like asking what makes a good ice cream sundae. It is so individually geared toward everyone’s personal sexual preference (the menage, not the sundaes…although, I don’t judge) that I couldn’t possibly even attempt a set of parameters… So I’ll offer mine. What makes a menage hot for me is a girl with two (or more) guys (Doms preferably, since I like my sex with a little bit of spanking) or werewolves, or dragons, or cowboys, or any combination thereof. And if any of you (all three of you who read my blog) knows of a story with all of those elements in it, then let me know because that is an author I want to talk to!

Where was I… Oh yeah, hot steamy sex with more than one guy…

This was nothing she had experienced before. She wasn’t hallucinating this time, or dreaming, or exhausted half out of her mind. She had two thick cocks buried to the balls inside her and the feeling was beyond good.

“More,” she panted, clinging to Oengus’s broad shoulders and flinging her other arm back to clutch at Caomh’s neck. “More.”

Oengus’s grip on her ass tightened, prizing her open a bare instant before Caomh practiced his first deep thrust. He had said he would be gentle, and still Polly cried out. Not because it hurt, but because the friction of being so dually packed and the pleasure as Oengus echoed his movements became unbelievably intense. She wasn’t in control, pinned like this between them. She could barely move, nothing beyond an arching of her back, which pushed her breasts out and offered them up to Oengus’s burning mouth, or a quick toss of her head, which sent her wet hair flying back across Caomh’s shoulder.

“More!” She rolled her hips. She wiggled and she writhed, but she couldn’t move. So they moved for her, a dual pistoning—Oengus, pumping hard and fast, the driving slap of his hips into hers as loud as gunshot in the rocky confines of the shower; Caomh, his slower, shallower thrusts a friction of complimenting pressure that built, starting low in her abdomen and spreading wildly until it had consumed her entire body. Their mouths were all over her, suckling at her breasts, nuzzling at her ear. Fingers found her clit, stroking and rubbing, as frenzied as the rest of their movements until every quivering muscle inside her suddenly locked.

“Oh!” She came so painfully hard, pleasure shattering her, driven through every inch of her on orgasmic waves, one right after the next with both males still pounding her between them.

Oengus swept in to taste her cries as she wailed them. Caomh sank his teeth into her shoulder, pumping hard enough now to knock them all against the shower wall. That they didn’t slip and fall was a wonder, but it was in that heightened state of ecstasy as she shivered and shook that she felt Oengus cum. He bathed her womb in spurting streams, his throbbing cock ramming to bury itself as deep as he could go.

A handful of thrusts later, Caomh smothered his roar of completion against her back, and then for the longest time, all she heard was the panting rasps of their labored breathing, the marching pulse of her pounding heart, the whisper of golden music pouring from that unmined vein in the surrounding rocks, and the rain-like patter of the shower water falling over and around them.

This is from Golden Song by my alter ego Penny Alley, and is here simply as an illustration of what I like. Sadly, there is no spanking in this book, so it doesn’t really even belong on this blog. Except that it has dragons in it, and everything’s better with dragons. Or cowboys. Or both.


Howdy, howdy, howdy!

Maren, you sigh, slapping palm to face. Okay, okay. Getting back on track now.

When I went looking for a book to showcase my ideal for hot menage, I had a heck of a time find something that had spanking in it. Angela Sargetti submitted her Werewolf Brothers Make Better Lovers, but apart from a single swat delivered in a playful moment, there was no spanking or BDSM anywhere in it, so I couldn’t use it.

You would not believe how hard it is to find a really good example of menage with BDSM overtones. Admittedly, I haven’t read every book in the world, so I’m sure they’re out there. But I’ve gone through ten or more books now and either I’ve already showcased the author in the A to Z blog hop once already or there wasn’t spanking or it involved something I didn’t like, and I’m sorry, but if I’m going to write about it and recommend it, at the very least, I’m going to like it.

Then I remembered Selena Kitts.

When Lloyd began to fuck me with the dildo still stuck in my ass, I went off like someone had turned a switch. I would have screamed if Jack hadn’t been buried so tightly into my throat. My pussy spasmed hard and I grabbed Lloyd’s hair in my fist, grinding my pussy against his lashing tongue, pressing the toy deeper into my stretched, aching asshole.

“Ohhhh fuck!” I shuddered with my orgasm, managing to disengage from the furious movement of Jack’s pumping hips to get the words out. “Oh god, baby, I’m coming so hard!” But Lloyd already knew, his fingers slipping into my clenching pussy as he fucked me with the dildo, his mouth fastened wetly against my mound, not letting me go.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” I whispered over and over as the sensation peaked and then began to recede in deliciously throbbing waves. I looked down at him, kneeling on the floor next to the bed, his eyes hungry, his face wet with my juices, and I abandoned my husband’s cock, sliding down off the bed, too, and kissing Lloyd fully on the mouth.

Unfolding by Selena Kitt doesn’t have spanking, but it does have enough other elements of BDSM that I felt more than comfortable including it here. It’s also hot. Holy Hannah, is it ever hot! If you are a fan of anal (because apparently her heroine really, REALLY is as well) then you are going to love this book.

8f143b910e89eb12f936279b99b097e0be61578fCharlie lives an average life in an ordinary home, and she isn’t complaining. Jack is a good husband and they have beautiful children—but when she discovers her penchant for a sexual secret, she finds that it suddenly turns her sex life from a mundane distraction into a mind-blowing, transcendent experience. This is the story of a woman’s exquisite unfolding, as her sexual discovery and yearning for something more pushes she and her man to the edge, testing boundaries and forcing her to surrender to something much deeper than herself.

Enjoy the rest of your reading, and don’t forget to Click here to check out the other amazing authors participating in the A to Z Blog Hop going on all through June! 🙂

5 thoughts on “M is for Menage

  1. Dear Mrs Smith, glad your move is going ahead as planned, amazed you have time to do this & move! So i guess that makes you amazing LOL. Now you really have got me interested i LOVE DRAGONS! *pout* by why no spanking? & as for Menage! although i prefer M/M/F you know one woman two bi sexual men 😉 try Sierra Cartwright’s Danger Zone for hot BDSM Menage. Or at a pinch Sara Kingston 🙂 after your move of course, would not want to be the cause of your husband banning your kindle again or worse 😉

  2. I totally agree–everything is better with dragons and werewolves and cowboys! I think YOU need to write one, please!! Sarah McCarty has werewolf cowboys but no BDSM, but it’s Hot!! Fiona archer has awesome BDSM cowboy ménage but no dragons or werewolves *sigh*.
    Good luck on the move and add the cowboy, werewolf, dragon ménage book to your list!

  3. Is anyone surprised I am not that fond of the MMMF menages? I understand the attraction, but if there are no objections from the jury, I’ll have my menage FFM, if you don’t mind. There are exceptions though, I remember books of Lauren Dane where the MMF relationship didn’t bother me (see I’m not afraid of gay men at all). Not to much. Definitely within reason, Maren.

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