G is for Ginger, the Root of all Evil


G is for Ginger, the Root of All Evil

Figging. There, I said it. What is it, what does it do, and why does it strike eager fear into the hearts of submissives everywhere?


First of all, figging has absolutely nothing at all to do with figs. Head yourself on down to the nearest major grocery store produce aisle, find a nice length of ginger root and a carrot peeler, and you’re ready to go. Well, okay…go home first. I cannot tell you how much stores frown on doing that there. Now you’re ready to go!

Figging is described as ‘the practice of inserting a piece of skinned ginger root into the anus or vagina of a person’. In Ancient Greece it was recorded as Rhaphanidosis (requiring horseradish root, rather than ginger) and supposedly was used as a disciplinary punishment for adulterers. The practice was adopted by the Ancient Romans, who were kinky as flip all on their own and probably required very little encouragement. Ginger root replaced the horseradish round about the Victorian age (or at least that’s as far back as we have found written evidence–how in the hell people saw it used on horses and decided ‘Man, I’ve got to get in on that action’, I’ll never know), but kinky folk everywhere gave it a try, adopted it with gusto (and a lot of funny walking), and eventually figging worked its way all the way up through history to us.

Okay, you say, let’s do this thing. What kind of preparation do you need to get ready for this? For you, you might want to clean out. In books, you almost never see this step. Let’s face it, no one wants to read about that. No one wants to write about that either. But if you want to go straight from the fun stuff to the cuddly stuff afterward, then you might want to bite the bullet and just do the big E. You know, E-N-E-M-A. That E.

Preparing the root takes just as much care.


First, peel it. I don’t peel all of mine, just three-fourths of it, leaving one end (the end you or your dominant partner will be gripping) intact. Next, you can either age it for a few days in a plastic baggy, letting it get good and ripe so the juices will be stronger, or you can use it right away. Either way, it’s still going to…um, sting…yeah, we’ll say sting…like heck and it’s going to burn because the oils this root secretes are an irritant to the thin mucus membrane of the clitoris, vagina, anus and anal passage. Within the first few minutes of insertion, the sensation will build up to its maximum discomfort level and can last upwards of about half an hour after removal.

This is what it’s going to feel like:



Or words to that effect. Unless of course you’ve got a high threshold for pain, in which case you might think, “I’ve had chili that came out hurting worse than this. What’s the big deal?”

Sorry, can’t help you. I enjoy playing with ginger. My husband likes to use it during fun-ishments in conjunction with the strap or cane, and over the years he’s become quite devious about his technique. His favorite thing is to make me pick the piece of ginger. It’s kind of like having to go outside and cut your own switch. The mental agony is all right there.

*Sigh* Which one? …That one’s too big; I don’t think I’m masochist enough for that… That one’s too small. Bring him that and I’ll probably get spanked for real… Hm, this one’s got a natural hump in the middle, so it’s sure to stay right where he put it. But, while this end’s just right, that end is big enough to tear me a new one. *snicker, snicker* Tear me a new one… *snicker* That’s a good one… All right, all right. Get serious now… And pick a long one; you know he’s going to want to fuck you with it…


Oh yeah, let me tell you about all the ways that friction is so not a girl’s best friend when said friction is being applied during figging. Remember when I said the juice was an irritant? What that means is, the more you touch it, the worse the stinging and burning get. But, Maren, you say, it’s inside of me. How can I be expected not to touch it?

You can’t. That’s where the deviousness of Doms come in. The more your very quickly growing tender back hole touches that root, the worse it’s going to hurt. The more you clench down, let’s for the sake of argument say, while being spanked, the more it’s going to hurt. The more he twists it inside you, bumps and prods it, grabs the end and pumps it vigorously in and out, the more it’s going to frickin’ hurt. But for me, it frickin’ hurts in a way that feels so. Damn. Good.

Cadence squeaked when he touched her, the cool chill of the lube warming with humiliating quickness the more he rubbed it into her, around and around the rim of her rear entrance before, with that same shocking lack of unease, he pressed his finger into her.

It was awful and yet not, both at the same time. It was mortifying, but it made her pussy weep, a fact he surely couldn’t help but notice being as he was right there, looking down on her while he moved his finger in and out, making love to her with his hand but only by the barest degree. She held herself stiff and as still as she knew how, but that quickly became unbearably impossible. Her hips took on a life all their own.

This was a punishment?

A corner of his mouth curled, and he took his hand away. Wiping his fingers on a tissue, he tossed it into the trash before picking up the ginger root and unwrapping it. “Deep breath,” he said, as he positioned that down between her legs as well. “Relax as much as you can.”

Like she could relax at all once he started to nudge and nose the blunted tip of that peeled root into her behind. She caught her breath, arching up just once when mild discomfort became a little bit more than that, but then she felt it, the pop as her inner sphincter abruptly gave way, admitting the bulk of the ginger root right up to the indentation he’d carved midway into it, giving her anus a lip to fall into and grip. Except that, no sooner had the ginger root ceased advancing, then did she feel the coolness of it begin to change.

“Oh my God,” she gasped. She tried to shift, pulling at her bound hands, but there was no getting it out. His finger was holding it firmly in place, preventing her from pushing it back out again, and she did try.

“Relax,” he told her again. “If you force this back out before I say you can, not only will I put it back in you, but I will repeat this punishment every night until I’m satisfied that you have learned how to take it.”

“It’s heating up!” Cadence tried not to grind against the mattress, but holding still was so hard. “It’s burning!”

“Yes, it is. You’ve got ten minutes.” He checked his watch before donning the second pair of gloves. “If you’re good, I’ll take it out then. If not, I just might have to fuck you with it.”

Her sex spasmed so hard then, for a moment she thought she’d just orgasmed.

This little excerpt is a sneak peak at my latest novel, Last Dance for Cadence. It’s part of the Corbin’s Bend series and is soon to be released!

Enjoy the rest of your reading, and don’t forget to Click here to check out the other amazing authors participating in the A to Z Blog Hop going on all through June! 🙂

13 thoughts on “G is for Ginger, the Root of all Evil

  1. Oh, I wrote about figging today too! I love it, maybe I am crazy? I am totally laughing about picking it out. We will go to the super market and my husband will look through the ginger and I stand behind him like I’m the lookout, like we’re doing something devious– well we are, but no one knows that!

    Mmm, figging in your new Corbin’s Bend book? I can’t wait 🙂

    • LOL, I always try to be as normal as possible when picking mine because, seriously, what do vanilla people aren’t figging, what are they using all that ginger root for? I don’t think I’ve found more than one recipe ever that called for it and that recipe only wanted a little freshly grated.

  2. I love Figging!! I thought I was the only one who looked forward to it! And, yes, Casey we do the search and look out tag team too! Lol. Great post, Maren! Cadence sounds like another winner!

  3. The first time we tried it, we must have done it wrong because it wasn’t anything bad. The next couple of times, holy shit it burned and the more I moved, well you know. I haven’t red much about figging in books so it will be interesting to see what happens in your story

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