E is for Electric Wands


E is for Electric Wands

Let’s start off by saying I have a very healthy respect for electricity. In fact, I’m scared to death of it. From a very young age, my mother taught me everything I needed to know: Electricity is magic, it lives in walls, and it will kill you. (Brownie points to anyone who recognizes that quote from Kaylee’s Keeper since Kaylee’s mother taught her the very same thing—hey, fictional mothers are wise too!)


Despite all that, I’m still a big believer in showing the sexy side of BDSM’s lesser known kinks (or at least those kinks that don’t get as much page time in the literature as spanking does). So when I decided to do a violet wand scene between Kaylee and Marshall, I approached a Dom at one of the play parties I attend and I asked him to help me get over my fear. Apparently, he doesn’t get many volunteer victims (insert evil genius laugh and a lot of hand rubbing here). He was only too happy to help and the end result of several sessions was this amazing discovery: While electricity is still very scary, violet wands on the right setting and with the right node are actually quite pleasant.

Oh, and evil advertises.


A little scene from Kaylee’s Keeper:

He bound her wrists together, and the comfort and security of that confinement felt more like a hug than it did restriction. She actually relaxed a little, letting him stretch her arms up over her head and tie her to rings in the wooden legs. The coffee table wasn’t long enough for her lie fully upon it, but Master Marshall didn’t seem to want that anyway. He bent to press a kiss upon her soft stomach and then pulled her hips down to hang partially over the bottom edge while he bound each of her ankles and affixed a long spreader bar between them. It wasn’t until he pulled out the stepladder that she noticed the eyebolt in the ceiling. He clipped a length of chain to it, then hooked into the spreader bar and hoisted her up by her feet until her ass came an inch or so up off the table.

He walked around her, trailing an appraising hand up her thighs to her knees and down the backs of her legs. He spanked once, just hard enough to make her bottom jiggle and sway. “Beautiful. Struggle for me.”

She managed an experimental wiggle but barely made the chains clink.

“The bus won’t be here for several hours yet.” He patted her bottom again. “That’s plenty of time for us to make your last day something to remember.”

He left her then, but went only as far as the kitchen threshold. “You’ve dawdled long enough,” he told Molly. “Leave us.”

He did not walk her to the door, but returned to Kaylee instead. And as soon as the front door closed behind the sullen Little Maid, he picked up the wand. “Let’s begin.”

Kaylee couldn’t help the full body shiver that ravaged her when she heard that first click and hum. This wouldn’t be any worse than what she’d already felt, she told herself. He’d promised that, she believed him, and what she’d already felt hadn’t hurt. Not really. Not where it counted, but she cringed anyway and shut her eyes when he reached for her. She mewed, but his first touch was only with his hand. He laid it flat on her chest.

“Breathe.” He coaxed her eyes open as he caressed down between her breasts, over her navel to her pubis and then back again. It was the richest kind of intimacy, the way his fingers traced along the tender underside of each breast, cupping one fleshy globe, squeezing gently. The rasp of his thumb across her nipple raised it into a taut peak and awakened the first lick of reluctant arousal. She moaned, and a fizzing sensation zapped her other nipple.

Her whole body jumped and her yelp became a full-throated moan when he bent and took the buzzing tip into his hot mouth. His tongue did not assuage the sensation; it amplified it, and soon she was arching, her legs heaving her up off the table as if she were trying to climb the chain feet first. She wasn’t strong enough to keep that up for long and eventually she fell back down, squirming into each suckling pull of his mouth until it abandoned her.

“W-wait,” she panted as he brought the wand back into her sight. Her legs spasmed, struggling to pull her up that chain all over again, but he zapped her nipple again anyway. Wet from his saliva, the buzzing tingle was even stronger and every muscle in her body surged under the bite of the blue lines. She gasped and writhed, and yet when he reached down to cup between her legs, she felt that familiar molten heat blossom in the palm of his hand. He held her, rubbed her, brought welling drops of moisture beading into existence under circumstances she never imagined possible.

“Oh my God, ohmygod!” She cringed, but he tapped her nipple again, tapped and held this time, rolling it around and around her breast to bring her screeching up off the table as high as her legs could pull her even though the hurt…wasn’t.

It didn’t hurt. At all. It buzzed. It tingled. It felt like soda pop bubbling up under her skin everywhere her skin was dry and where it was wet, it stung like the snap of a rubber band. But it didn’t hurt, not the way her mind kept trying to tell her it was. But even knowing this, when he lowered the wand to bite and snap at her other breast, she threw herself against her bonds in a mad fight for escape.

She made the coffee table creak, the chains rattle, and the ropes groan and groan and groan, and she groaned along with them because, no longer content to torment just her breasts, now the wand was wandering all the rest of her. It traced her curves and contours, moving as Master Marshall moved, travelling an unhurried path down her ribs to her side, over her flinching navel and around her squirming hips. It circled her buttocks, travelled up the backs of each tensing leg, and licked its buzzing kiss across the soles of both her feet before wandering back down again.

“Oh my God!” she moaned, cringing as it descended down into the tender ‘v’ of her thighs, winning a truly evil smile from Master Marshall the closer he came to the glistening folds of her sex. That first sizzling shock brought her hips lurching up off the table, wrenching and twisting like a hooked trout. But no matter how she moved, the wand never broke contact. He waved it over and around her clit until the snap became sting and she became breathless.

Parting the flush outer lips of her sex, he let the wand crackle and bite the slick inner folds. At her anus, he paused to pass the electrode back and forth across the puckered rim until she was shrieking. “Oh my God!”

The ceiling absorbed her cries; Master Marshall showed no mercy. He simply bent and, while she begged and howled, he opened his mouth and captured her throbbing clit between his burning lips. Kaylee came, without warning or hesitancy. At his first suckling pull, the pleasure erupted from her flesh as if he were ripping it out on strings. Her whole body sang, humming and buzzing, not just where the wand had touched her but everywhere, in every inch of her flesh, and there was nothing she could do but lie in her bonds, cuffs and chains, and take it. Her muscles gave out before the orgasm did. She fell limp across the table, vibrating even after he raised his mouth from between her splayed legs and took away the wand.

“Please!” she gasped, whimpering and panting, trapped in the flesh of a stranger who couldn’t seem to get enough. “Please…”

She wanted to say no more but the words would not come out.

Master Marshall looked down on her as if he were a god, admiring his most favored creation. The more she pleaded, the more he smiled. “No,” he said, and then he began again. He took her to a place of such darkness and light, of pleasure richly intermingled with the softest zaps of pain. He tormented her, driving her body to flinch from his touch and yet she could not have craved anything more.

Every pass of that traveling wand made her thighs glisten more. She could feel it, the silken oils of her own body spilling down between her buttocks, dripping and pooling upon the table beneath her. He tortured one nipple while suckling the other. He ground the orb upon her clitoris until every muscle in her belly and thighs was shaking like a leaf in the gale. Every drop of moisture, every bead of sweat made the crackling snaps sting that much sharper, and still she came, bucking and writhing and grinding mindlessly to find the wand again each time he took it away. She screamed and begged and wailed until at one point Security stationed an observer inside his apartment—just in case—and her voice gave out, becoming little more than a rasp of sound. She wanted it to stop; she’d die if it did.

And when finally all she could do was lie bonelessly in puddles of her own arousal and sweat, all the Master of the Castle did was change the head on the wand, removing the orb and replacing it with a phallic-shaped electrode, complete with a thick mushroom-shaped tip. He laid his hand on her quivering abdomen, slick with sweat, flinching from his touch. He felt the involuntary kick of her flesh when he stroked the wand up and down the inside of each thigh, back and forth, the mushroom tip crackling each time it skimmed her sex.

“Please,” she mouthed, her hips trying desperately to follow the wand.

He smiled. “I’m going to make you cum so hard, it’s going to hurt. Breathe for me, Kaylee. Just breathe.”

Every inch of her came sparking back to life when he slid the phallic end of the wand inside her. He took her beyond screams, beyond rasps, beyond all ability to think. He took her beyond sight and sound. All she could hear was the crackling hum of the wand. All she could feel was the electrical charge singing through her sex, branching out into all parts of her, piercing her all the way to her bones.

* * * * *

So, what have we learned, boys and girls? Sometimes it’s not such a bad idea to try new things.


On the off chance that you haven’t yet tried Kaylee’s Keeper but, from this little excerpt, find you might like to give it a try, I’ve included the link above. If you enjoy it, you might also like to try the latest in my Masters of the Castle series: Chasing Chelsea


Chelsea is out of work, between homes and nearly out of money when, while filling out job applications at a busy bus depot, she find the opportunity of a lifetime simply lying in the trash. It’s a prepaid vacation voucher—room, meals and clothing all included. All she has to do is get on a bus and for the next ten days she’d be sleeping in a bed instead of her car. Unfortunately, the voucher is for a place called The Castle and no one lives in Granger for long without hearing one or two things about that very adult resort. Still, prepaid is prepaid, and just because she goes to the resort doesn’t mean she has to participate, right?

Then she meets Selena, and suddenly Chelsea’s a slavegirl in a BDSM wedding, an unwilling confidant in a secret Sara can’t bear to tell Jackson, the enigma Master Marshall just can’t figure out…and then there’s Kade. The big bad wolf, Selena calls him. The biggest and baddest the Castle has ever known. Everyone warns her to steer clear of the playboy Master, but right from the very start steering clear is the one thing Chelsea can’t bring herself to do. From the moment he smiles at her – the moment his experienced touch burns into her skin – she’s drawn.

Poor Little Red, she never had a chance.

Enjoy the rest of your reading, and don’t forget to Click here to check out the other amazing authors participating in the A to Z Blog Hop going on all through June! 🙂

10 thoughts on “E is for Electric Wands

  1. like Mr Evan’s i have both book’s & although you make electro play sound hot it’s just really not for me [i get a pratical daily shock from my kitchen sink anyway – no joke] But one of the thing’s i love about your writing is the fact you write from experience, you are incredibly brave & show great courage in your research.

  2. Like Mr Trent i have both book’s as well & although you make electro play sound hot & show the trust needed it’s just not for me [i get a daily shock off my kitchen sink – no joke] What i really like is how brave you are in researching the subjects you write about you show great courage & it enable’s your stories to be more than a story each one has that element of being real!

  3. I love the advert – have you replied Evil Genius yet? I’m thinking about it. I remember that scene and the other day, a friend made me a recording/video of their violet wand and I think the whole time I watched it, every hair on my body was standing on end. I’ve never experienced this and I wouldn’t say it’s at the top of my list, but if I have the opportunity, I’d be very curious to try it – hence Evil Genius… 😉 Thanks for another great post in the challenge.

  4. I soooo want to try an electric wand now! (I’m guessing that is not the sort of things new Tops should try to administer, though. 🙁 It may be a while for me )

    Loved this scene, and loved Kaylee’s Keeper.
    This makes me want to re-read. 😉

  5. Oh dear, I am too chicken to do that to my girl. I see pictures of a heart that stops beating, and I’m sweating merely thinking about it. We never tried it. Must ask my loved one tonight how she feels about it. The crazy bitch will probably react the same way you guys do!

    Let’s leave it a fantasy for a while, shall we?

  6. Oh my God, this makes me hot just reading this excerpt (again). There is something wildly wonderful when you experience pain and pleasure at the same time. We have never played with electricity but maybe we can look into it.
    I think that I have already mentioned that I LOVE your Castle series. I have actually learned so much, from reading them, about BDSM

  7. If ever there was a great advert for the violet wand it’s that incredible excerpt. I remember reading it first time round, in the book and …no lets not even go there. Suffice to say if I got the opportunity to experience it, I would jump at it.

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