B is for Body Paints


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B is for Body Paints

I had the most awesome scene (can I even say that if I wrote it? Yes, I think I’m just that arrogant) in Chasing Chelsea where Kade used chocolate body paints to decorate Chelsea. In researching that scene, I stumbled across this picture.

I don’t even swing that way, but that is one pretty peacock design. It has everything I love–bright colors, sparklies, and a good-looking naked babe tastefully arranged so that none of her naughty bits are showing. And yes, this is edible. You can buy (or make your own–awesome recipe here) chocolate body paint in a variety of flavors and colors and even decorate it with ‘glitter’ which is really just sugar granules dyed with food coloring.

I had a lot of cool designs to choose from. Here are samples of a few.

ce74976dabb7bbe40f37864dcd62c7a9 Sierra Exif JPEGChocolate-Covered-Squid-Valentines-Day-Candy-FrWell, okay. Maybe not that last one. Chocolate octopi, for those of you wondering what you’re looking at.

Maren, for crying out loud, you say, get back on topic!


You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy body painting. I’ve seen images of women drizzled like it were candle wax and others that just played along curves like shadow and light.


Beautiful as this was, I confess I am a color junky. I love color. I intensely desire colorful things.


It’s a good thing I don’t drink, because I would not be fit to leave the house in some of the things I buy specifically because it’s so flipping obnoxious with color.


‘Nuff said.

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10 thoughts on “B is for Body Paints

  1. I just finished reading Chasing Chelsea and found the chocolate body painting interesting! Somehow I don’t see it was as beautiful as the body art work pictures you show here, but the scene was hot in the book.

  2. I love this. I tell my Hubby that having someone paint my body is on my bucket list. I just need to lose about 15 LBS before I let someone paint my body:)

    • You know though, I’ll bet if you gave your Hubby the choice over painting your body now or waiting to do it 15 lbs from now, he’d take now. And I’ll bet you he’d take now because his love for you and his enjoyment of your body is not dependent upon those 15 lbs. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I am not a skinny young lady. When I first began to attend the play parties hosted by the group I attend, I was hugely self-conscious about my weight. What I found out was, the men who were interested in Topping me could have cared less what my scale said. They simply wanted to play and they enjoyed the fact that I was the vehicle that allowed them to live out their fantasies. Don’t wait for 15 lbs. Just go do it. Send the kids to Grandma’s and enjoy every chocolatey minute of it! 🙂

  3. I’m with you – body paint is fun, especially when it’s chocolate. Because there are just so many wonderful ways to put it on and get it off 😉

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