New Orleans Post #2

Last night we stayed at a nice, respectable Motel 6. Tonight, however, we are in the rental house about 5 miles from where the convention will be taking place. This house is nice! I’m afraid to touch just about everything. Except the coffee maker. Yeah, my fingerprints are all over that thing. lol

We spent the day walking through the French Quarter. We visited the VooDoo Museum, a ton of fun and interesting little shops, and had a wonderful lunch at Felix’s Oyster Bar. The only bad thing I have to say about that restaurant is, they could have washed the sand off the oysters. However, the turtle soup was awesome, the gator was tender, the crawfish was yummy, and the oysters were to die for. We tried the charbroiled and raw, and if you are at all a fan of ‘Tabasco and snot’ as I referred to it earlier, you definitely have to try this place. It’s right across the street from the world-famous Acme oyster bar, but the lines out there were incredible and this place is, in my opinion, better.

About that time, my sister suddenly realized she’d left the books I’d bought her yesterday at the Motel 6, so we went back and got them, and then promptly came all the way back to the French Quarter and got lost again. If you visit this city and don’t come to see the French Market, then you haven’t really seen this city. We spent a good hour at the Krazy Korner, drinking pop and listening to four talented musicians wail out familiar tunes on drums, electric guitar, keyboard and a metal washboard. We went to the Audubon Insectarium, got a caramel apple at Mr. Apple to share among the four of us, and my sisters got matching t-shirts “Trouble 1” and “Trouble 2”. I could have been “Trouble 3” but not only do I feel no need to advertise my skills, but I don’t conform to anyone else’s crazy.

All together, we must have walked 30 blocks…most of them the same block over and over again because none of us was smart enough to bring a map. By next Monday, I swear, we’re going to have every corner of this city down pat. We’ll be able to give directions like a local.

The thing I like best at this point, is the architecture. It’s fabulous down here. The buildings all look a hundred years old and I swear New Orleans must have a law against modern renovations, because every single one of them needs some sort of repair. And yet, in the midst of that, you have old buildings with intricate wrought-iron balconies so overgrown with potted plants that they look like jungles, with fat ferns and long vines that drape down to the street below. It’s just fabulous. The heat and humidity actually seem to work for this city. I can’t imagine what this place must be like during the worst summer months, but it’s quite enjoyable right now.

Tomorrow, we’re going to drop off the posters at the convention hotel, meet with my publisher at 7, and then we’re going to do the Ghost Tour at 8. 🙂 Maybe we’ll even get to visit some of the truly unique graveyards they’ve got down here. I can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “New Orleans Post #2

  1. SO jealous right now!!! i’ve always wanted to explore New Orlean’s & the french quarter. & listen to the local music & southern cajun/creole men speak 😉 got a serious thing for accent’s! Hope your able to work if you ever find your way back to the hotel lol 😉 Enjoy yourself, sound’s like you & your’s are having a blast [ps loving chasing chelsea]

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time! New Orleans is one of the places I definitely want to get a chance to visit.
    The Ghost Tour sounds awesome, hope you have another great day 🙂

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