5/2 Saturday Spanks

Chasing Chelsea is coming soon! May 10th is the date I’ve been given, so this is the last Saturday Spanking before it releases. I’ll be on the road next weekend, on my way to New Orleans and the RT Booklovers Convention for both readers and writers. Since I’m leaving the same day my book is scheduled to come out, instead of Saturday Spanking I’ll post the first chapter for you to preview on Sunday morning. I’m very excited about this. So excited that I’ve already started plotting out the next Masters of the Castle book tentatively titled Dividing Desiree and featuring the twin masters introduced in Chasing Chelsea, Travis and Trevor.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 😉

OTK Sat Spanks-dusty rose In this scene, Kade is giving the 101 lecture before a raptly attentive audience on everyone’s favorite kink: Spanking. He’s chosen a volunteer from the audience…you guessed it, one very reluctant Chelsea, who was only there to begin with because she ducked into the room to avoid running into Kade in the hallway just outside. So now, having been hauled up in front of all these people and then hauled down across his lap, Chelsea is about to discover for the first time in her life that not only is spanking hot, sexy and fun, but she just might have a kinky bone.

She might have a sassy one, too. 🙂

* * *

His fingers hooked into the elastic of both leggings and the next thing she knew, she was receiving the most thorough wedgy of her adult life. Stitches popped and fabric strained as he flossed her underwear into her butt crack, baring both cheeks at once to his broad hand. His broad and bare hand which came raining down on her vulnerably bare skin.

Three sharp smacks, each falling quickly after the other and infusing her flesh with the most unbelievable sting—erotic and yet vaguely painful, but not unbearably so. A fourth smack might have pushed it over that thin edge, but Kade stopped and rubbed again.

“Do I have your attention now?” he asked, “or have you some other smart-aleky thing you’d like to say?”

Chelsea lifted her face up out of her hands where, unaware, she had buried them. It took effort not to pant and to keep her tone even and smooth as she said, “H-has it started yet? I honestly can’t tell.”

* * *

The blurb:

Chelsea is out of work, between homes and nearly out of money when, while filling out job applications at a busy bus depot, she finds the opportunity of a lifetime simply lying in the trash. It’s a prepaid vacation voucher—room, meals and clothing all included. All she has to do is get on a bus and for the next ten days she’d be sleeping in a bed instead of her car. 

Unfortunately, the voucher is for a place called The Castle and no one lives in Granger for long without hearing one or two things about that very adult resort. Still, prepaid is prepaid, and just because she goes to the resort doesn’t mean she has to participate, right? 

Then she meets Selena, and suddenly Chelsea’s a slavegirl in a BDSM wedding, an unwilling confidant in a secret Sara can’t bear to tell Jackson, the enigma Master Marshall just can’t figure out…and then there’s Kade. The big bad wolf, Selena calls him. The biggest and baddest the Castle has ever known. Everyone warns her to steer clear of the playboy Master, but right from the very start steering clear is the one thing Chelsea can’t bring herself to do. From the moment he smiles at her—the moment his experienced touch burns into her skin—she’s drawn. 

Poor Little Red, she never had a chance.


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  1. Hi Maren, firstly have a very safe & fun journey & time in New Orlean’s seriously jealous – don’t forget you’re camera 🙂 secondly i knew you would go with the twin’s next what could possible be better than one Dom two of course! 😉 can not wait for this book & you’re first chapter reveal Chelsea seem’s to be running in the wrong direction physically but that’s good news for Master Kade, poor Dom has been chasing her forever LOL now she’s finally caught can’t wait to find out what he doe’s!

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