4/23 Dungeon Crawl

Sunday I visited with Emily Tilton. So where am I today, you might ask? As you are reading this, I am currently sitting on an up-turned five gallon bucket with another bucket between my knees while I plaster the hell out of the drywall in my father’s new family room. Why am I doing this, you ask? Two reasons–spankings aren’t punishment, and this is.

Just kidding.

I’m moving (oh flippin’ joy) and in the book of unwritten rules it clearly says (page 6, item 5 if you want to look it up): Before each move, plaster the hell out of all your existing walls. New owners love that. Especially if you don’t paint afterwards.

Regardless, welcome to this week’s Dungeon Crawl!


So, while I’m doing that, I am leaving you with something vastly more interesting to occupy your time. My up-coming new release–Masters of the Castle, Book 6: Chasing Chelsea. (I’ve been calling it Book 5 because it’s the fifth book I’ve written in the series, but according to my publisher, my count is off by one book because of Anastasia Vitsky’s Mira’s Miracle.)

In this scene, Kade is in the leather room after hours, trying to work out his annoyance because Chelsea keeps evading his attempts to seduce her. Guys don’t handle that well. Especially not this one. 🙂

* * *

Kade took a tool bag from one of half a dozen identical cubbies, found a length of leather and then a chair at a worn table from which to work: sketching out a quick pattern, measuring the leather, cutting the length…

If she thought he was going to chase her, she could think again. There were plenty of other women here, good looking women—many more beautiful than that red-headed siren upstairs. He could have any one of them, hell, all of them if he wanted. What was so special about Red? He ought to just cut her loose and find someone else to enjoy. Except that he’d never, ever had to cut anyone loose before and he didn’t want anyone else. Not that he particularly wanted Red, he told himself firmly. She was a challenge. Maybe that was the appeal. She wasn’t like any woman he’d set his sights on before. She was…

Hell, he had no idea what she was. Difficult, came directly to mind, but maybe that was because his approach was wrong. What was it that she needed that he wasn’t giving her? Was it the illusion of commitment? Hell, he could give her that. He was good at illusions, just so long as she got back on the bus and went home at the end of her stay.

His hands went through the calming motions, turning out a set of leather restraints with very little thought. A thick black belt with a matching pair of wrist cuffs that attached via evenly spaced D-rings. He stitched soft faux fur on the inside, but made the restraints sturdy. Sturdy enough to hold even a chronic runner like Red. And by the time he was ready to put on the finishing buckle touches, his determination was bolstered. He was going to have her in these bonds before her stay was up. He knew it even if she didn’t.

Linking the straps, Kade ran the set through his hands, trying to imagine how it would feel to have her in them—naked, of course…or maybe not. Half the fun was in stripping her himself, laying her bare one article of clothing after another, giving her plenty of time to anticipate that moment when he would strip her of her last barrier and leave her completely exposed. Maybe he’d use his knife and cut the clothes away, baring her long, lean body to the sensual caresses of his hands and his mouth inch by seductive inch… and then he’d put her over his knee and paddle her soundly for putting him through this aggravation.

Selecting another piece of leather from the ready stock, Kade began to craft a paddle, nothing too big, something small that could be used intimately while he held her across his knee. He sketched out a quick pattern, then grabbed up his mallet and stamping tool. He took his time, beating out a satisfying pattern, something intricate, something uniquely Red—roses, beautiful roses that were as complicated and as attractive as she was. He wrapped them with barbed-wire thorns. As much as she prickled him, he was going to enjoy using this to prickle her right back. Before he was through, she would know—as he painted the pale summits of her bottom a bright hot shade of pink—by whom she had been claimed.

Claimed, but not kept.

Kade never kept anyone. He was strictly catch and release, and Red was no exception to that personal rule.

He rolled his shoulders, shedding his aggravation one pound of the mallet at a time until the roses were done. He began to cut, taking his time there too, wanting a versatile piece not much longer or wider than his hand. He could practically feel her lying across his lap, the pale nates of her bottom quivering with dread. When she was a good girl, he’d use it lightly. He’d make it feel good for her, spanking in that soft, fun, playful way that would leave her moaning and squirming and writhing. She’d beg him not to stop while her pussy—that beautiful, wet, responsive little pussy of hers—grew ready for him and those nether lips swelled and glistened, begging for his touch.

And when she was a bad girl…well, he knew how to wield it that way too. He wouldn’t make her squirm then, oh no; he’d make her dance, thrash, throw back her head and send all those long red strands of hair flying around them both. He might just have to anchor her on his lap by fisting all that long, gorgeous hair. He’d wrap his palm around it, tangle himself in it and paddle her fiercely until her whole body at last surrendered to him and she was sobbing with remorse. The end result would still be the same. Her pussy would still weep for him. Those nether lips would still swell, still glisten, just like his fingers would glisten because he already knew he’d never be able to keep himself from touching her, finger fucking her even as he spanked, heightening her pleasure between rounds of sharp pain until she was so helplessly, hopelessly his that running again would be the last thing she wanted to do.

* * *

I hope you’re enjoying this weeks Dungeon Crawl. Don’t forget to check out the snippets available from all these other authors. 🙂

10 thoughts on “4/23 Dungeon Crawl

  1. I’m enjoying it, thank you! Actually, I forgot where I was when I got to the end of your excerpt… Catch and release I’m thinking might not work for this one. 🙂 Congrats on the upcoming release.

  2. Gracious, what a hot introduction. I love Kade’s mind already. The intricacy and intimacy of his mind while constructing the implements he intends to use on this striking, redheaded beauty is downright, HOT! I love this series, Maren, and I know I’m going to enjoy seeing how Kade convinces himself that although he prides himself now on being the ‘catch and release’ type, I have a feeling the little siren is going to challenge his ability to stick to that.

  3. If the thoughts are this delightful I imagine the real thing is going to be incredibly hot. Of course nothing ever goes quite as planned. I can’t wait to see how Red reacts to these plans of him. Something also tells me he won’t be catch and release for long. great job.

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