I’m a wanderin’ today! :D

Chasing Chelsea and I are interviewing on Emily Tilton’s blog today! Woot! Would you like a longer sneak peek of my newest Masters of the Castle book? Then come on over ’cause we’ve got cookies!

Well, okay…I’ve got cookies, but I’m willing to share. So, visit with us on Emily’s page and then find me somewhere in Kansas; I’ll be happy to share. Freaked out a little, but still happy to share.

Last year, I stumbled upon a brand-new (to me) author and bought one of her books. It was my first taste of Emily Tilton’s very unique and wonderful style. What do we read (and write, for that matter) these books for? It’s not always plot (although for me that’s a big buying factor). We read it for the spanking and the sex. Miss Tilton’s books have plenty of all three and I was hooked. By Christmas, I had everything she’d yet published and I buy them now just as fast as she writes and releases. What I like best about her style is the “Pride and Prejudice” near-poetry way in which she writes. Her dialogue is believable and her characters feel hot and real. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading one of Emily Tilton’s books, take some time after my interview and poke around her sight. I can almost guarantee you’ll find a title you’d like to try.

Click here to visit with us on Emily Tilton’s page!


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