2/8 Saturday Spankings

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Welcome to another weekend of running your mouth and getting your butt toasted…er, or is that just me? In any case, I thought I’d offer my first sneak peek into my next Masters of the Castle book, Book 5: Chasing Chelsea. I don’t have a blurb or a cover picture. You’re just going to have to enjoy this snippet like a fine piece of sushi…in the raw. 🙂 May I introduce for all your reading pleasure: Chelsea and Master Kade.

* * * * *

Laughing, Chelsea ran harder, but as they drew close enough to grab the door handle, it suddenly flew open and Chelsea collided smack into the man coming through from the other side. Tall as she was, fast as she’d been going, they hit with enough force to knock them both reeling. That they didn’t crash all the way down to the red-carpeted floor was due only to the fast-reflexes of the man who caught her, clutched her close as he stumbled backwards and finally collapsed against the hard stone wall.

The man—no, not a man; mere mortal men didn’t coming looking anything like this—was nothing less than Greek god perfection wrapped in human form. He was dressed all in black—black trousers, black vest, and no shirt to obscure the hard-chiseled lines of his naked chest. His black, black hair was military buzz-cut short; his black, black eyes were roving her, lighting first with appreciation and then amusement. And his mouth…oh, his mouth…so invitingly kissable that Chelsea couldn’t stop staring at it, not even when he noticed and those lusciously kissable lips began to curl.

He rumbled, a low chuckling breath of laughter that shivered through her in the most toe-curling way, “Hello, Red.”

* * * * *

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14 thoughts on “2/8 Saturday Spankings

  1. Ah, a first encounter and already a nickname. All of the guys at the castle are hunks, but each has one woman who consider them “a god among men.” I love that. Even if other women view the man as handsome, he’s not “drool worthy.” Only their particular guy gets their juices flowing, so to speak. Great snippet. Can’t wait to read the book.

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