Brand New Masters of the Castle Book

Today marks the release day of a brand new Masters of the Castle book by fabulous F/f author, Anastasia Vitsky!


When I first envisioned the Masters of the Castle world, I envisioned a place where anyone–man, woman, great ape, whatever (okay, maybe not the ape) who enjoyed bdsm activities–could go and find a play partner who compliments their niche. Unfortunately, I don’t often write outside my comfort zone which is M/f. That’s the world in which I play because that’s the dynamic in which I fantasize. So I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled, when Anastasia Vitsky asked if she could place a story that breaks my limited dynamic within my Castle world.

To celebrate today’s release (it hasn’t popped up for sale on Amazon yet, but it should by the end of the day!), Ms Vitsky and I sat down and had a conversation about it, half of which is posted on her site today and half of which will be posted here on Monday. Visit both her site today and my site here on Monday, comment on both places and be entered to win a vial of cinnamon oil. If you want to know what the oil is for (*wick evil grin*), read Mira’s Miracle.

8 thoughts on “Brand New Masters of the Castle Book

  1. Maybe only minor apes? And don’t forget…we have baby kittens! 😀

    This project has been a joy from start to finish, and I count myself lucky to work with you. Long live your Castle series! And may it have a ton of F/F!

  2. I LOVE your castle series so seeing some f/f in it was a weird concept at first, but now I can’t wait to read it!! Bring on the castle lovin! <3

    • Thank you, Kristin! Although I know some of my regular readers will be a little thrown by my name and the Castle series connected with an F/f book, I hope some will try it. Love stories are beautiful no matter what the gender of those involved, and as I always meant for the Castle to be a safe haven for everyone, regardless of kink or sex, this story was the perfect way to break the Castle out of the singular M/f mold. I’m very proud of what Ana has put together here. She did an awesome job!

  3. Oh I’m sure I replied on this post but it’s sort of disappeared 🙁

    Never mind ill do it again, I did love your interaction with each other a d think it’s really great you worked together to write a story, I will be checking it out as soon as I comes on amazon 🙂

    Hugs x

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