Wicked Wanton Wednesday!

I am visiting Maddie Taylor’s website today, so come and take a look! You won’t want to miss my sultry sexy excerpt from Something Has To Give, only one of five stories featured in The Naughty List. I was asked the question: Do you belong on Santa’s good list or have you been naughty? Hmm…;) what do you think?

Come and take a look here. Commenting on that site enters you in yet another chance to win the boxed set of The Naughty List.


2 thoughts on “Wicked Wanton Wednesday!

  1. Dear Maren,

    I adore your books, some are serious and some are laugh aloud funny. My husband gives me funny looks. Since he is vanilla he would not understand. However if he knew what I spent last year on spanking romance. ( he would be very pissed of,) keep the books coming, I love then.

    Big hugs, laurel Lasky

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