Love Our Lurkers Day!


Here is only one of a great many posts that I should not do. And I know I shouldn’t, but then, I’m a girl who craves spankings and in order to get them, now and then, you just got to do something wrong. So, here’s my something wrong (on so, so many levels) for today.

Bonnie with My Bottom Hurts started the celebration, Love Our Lurkers Day. The whole purpose of this is for those who don’t normally comment to come out of the shadows and just say hi. I promise, I don’t bite.

Toward this end, Katherine Deane posted a list of people on her blog that she’d like to be spanked by. Sadly, she had to leave before she could complete her list. Needless to say, in her haste she missed a few very important and hunky people. Now, while most individuals come with an automatic censor that would keep them from adding onto someone else’s dream spanker list, I have no such compunction. So, here’s the ones Katherine surely would have added to her list had she not been compelled to run off and get spanked by her DH. (Funny story about DH, by the way–my husband had never seen that used before. He was reading one of my posts in which I referred to him as “DH” and he got all offended. He thought it meant “dickhead” and to this day does not believe me when I say it means “Dear Hubby”. So naturally, if I think he’s going to see it, I refer to him as DH all the time now. That’s what 18 years of love and togetherness will get ya in this house. True story.)

My additions to Katherine Deane’s List of Dreamy Spankers:

#1 Wolverine:

wolverine-hugh-jackmanJust look at those arms. No, no. Not the claws, those can be retracted. Seriously, how can you say no? Would he even accept no?

wolverine-20061030012653559Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

#2 Riddick

riddick2vA man that big, beautiful and bald can’t possibly NOT be a spanker. He just can’t.

#3 Cast of 300

3001We are Spartans!…and we’ll (pick a Spartan, any Spartan) totally smack our women on the ass whenever they need it.

Lest I be accused of only going for guys who don’t often practice the wearing of shirts,

#4 Liam Neeson

liam-neeson-movies-listYeah, he’s a god.

#5 Predator

predator6All that awesome and he can pull off a fishnet body stocking. Yeah okay, I go in weird directions.








If you haven’t popped over and taken a look yet, I’m playing on Maddie Taylor’s blog today. So if you’re curious as to where I get the inspiration for my steamy sex scenes…er, forget everything you just saw and head over to Maddie Taylor’s.

21 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers Day!

  1. Lurker here saying a big fat yay for you and your list and a bigger yay for you, and all of you who have been teaching me the ropes, heehee, unintentional pun or Freudian slip?
    If I may be so bold, my list would have to include Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer πŸ˜‰

    • Definitely a Freudian slip! πŸ™‚ I never watched Buffy, but I don’t see why “the more, the merrier” can’t apply to our ever growing spanking list. I missed one too. Anyone know who Black Adder (any reincarnation except the first one) is? Ooo, Ooo! I missed another one. House!

  2. So that’s not what DH means? I’m new here since Spank or Treat and after reading Kaylee’s Keeper lets just say you have a rather obsessed little fan here. Can’t wait to get my copy of holding hannah!!! And then the rest of your books lol. So anyway, I haven’t had time to be elevated to official lurker status yet… gimme time, I’ll lurk. Happy Lol Day!

    • LOL, no that’s not was DH means…unless I’m trying to be obnoxious. πŸ™‚ Lurk away. I’m glad you stopped by and I’m glad you’re enjoying the Masters of the Castle series.

  3. Hey Maren

    Loved the DH — husband said he would have guessed that too! Lol.

    Love the list (except weird). But you forgot one–Jason Statham!! Remember his spanking scene in …wasn’t it crank?? Well maybe two–Sam Elliott. His gravelly voice alone would make me submit!! Mmmm nummy.

    Loved this!

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