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For a full list of rules and prize info, just check out yesterday’s post. Without further ado, here is my Spank or Treat story submission and my question, which will enter you to win oodles of awesome prizes, is: Where did the devil take her?


(Continued from yesterday…)

A languid tingling sensation lit through Colby’s belly, moving down in lazy waves to lap at her belly until she felt a low, answering throb begin between her legs where moisture was quietly accumulating.

“Let me guess,” the devil said as he drew near enough to be heard over the music. “Naughty kitty?”

“Slutty kitty, actually.” Colby smiled. “But I don’t know…Naughty Kitty?” She pretended to think it over, then deliberately kept her tone light and teasing. “Will I get a spanking out of it?”

Something unreadable flashed through the well-dressed devil’s black, black eyes. He laughed, a low sultry chuckle that made that pulsing deep inside her grow arousingly more pronounced. “Do you think I won’t?”

She hid her smile behind another sip of punch. “I would think the devil has more important things to do.”

The devil paced a slow circle around her, his roving gaze bringing a warm blush that had nothing to do with the liquored punch rising to her cheeks. Colby knew she looked good—full-length lace body stocking, leather push-up bra and shiny black shorty-shorts that could have doubled for a thong, it showed so much cheek. Her pussycat tail was pinned inside the waistband. Her headband kept her black ears permanently perked with interest, and the crowning touches were her own little black falsie-claws. Yeah, she looked good.

She turned to watch as the devil strolled around her. Every fine hair prickled along her nape as he disappeared behind her. The heat of his palm lightly touched her hip as his voice caressed her left ear. “Fortunately for you, I’m on vacation and quite available to attend to this bad kitty’s needs.”

“First I was naughty, now I’m bad?”

“I’ve upgraded my estimation of what kind of spanking may be required.”

“To put me in my place?” she breathed, thoroughly intrigued.

“To put you on your hands and knees. Head down, ass up beneath me. Pinned the way bad kitties should be pinned.” The heat of him was at her back, burning into her while he teased, the brush of his air along the shell of her ear sending every nerve in her body dancing in response. “I spank, I pull hair…I bite.” Warm lips caressed her shoulders in a kiss so seductive that her eyes almost closed and her knees tried to buckle. Then she felt his teeth, sparking an instant flow of interest to saturate her panties. “Come with me, Colby.”

She shivered, a bonfire of wanting bursting to life within her womb. Or was that his hand, circling around her hip to press his palm against her stomach? “How do you know my name?”

“I’m good with names.” Another kiss, another smile. He took her hand in his. “Come.”

And she went, like a marionette walking where he pulled her since he held all her strings.

She half expected him to take her over the baby gate—couple number four, in search of an unlocked bedroom—but he didn’t. He took her outside instead. Rob was still passed out on the lawn, only now he was covered with a blanket so he could sleep it off in relative comfort. The devil took her out beyond the port-a-potties—classy—where Marcy’s prized flower garden was already being tucked in for the coming winter, blanketed under soft mounds of dying leaves. In this earthy and quiet place, the devil let go of her hand. The lights from the house windows didn’t reach this far into the garden. The only illumination she had was the faint cast-off glow of the back porch light, obstructed as it was by the port-a-potties. She could only just make out his features when he said, “Turn around.”

She turned to face the house.

“Hands on your head.”

She obeyed that too. Her heart beat faster. It had been a long time since she’d felt excitement like this.

The heat of him was like a furnace at her back. His arms came around her, his fingers following the band of her shorts.

“Are you a bad kitty, Colby?”

She nodded, shivering all over again. Sex games weren’t really her thing, but she liked this one.

He unbuttoned her shorts. “Do bad kitties need to be spanked?”

One by one, he led the zipper down the track, releasing each of its teeth in agonizing slowness.

Again, she nodded, and the next thing she knew, his hands were inside her shorts and her shorts were peeled down her thighs. Gravity caught them and they dropped all the way down to her feet.

“When kitties are bad, how hard do you think they need to be spanked before they learn their lesson?”

Her mouth ran dry. Her throat closed in, choking her with tiny hitches of breath that might have been laughter if only she weren’t so tightly wound. His heat was all around her and his hands dipped down to follow the seam of her sheer lace body stocking—one hand trailed down over her smooth-shaven pussy, pressing in when he found wetness and a heat all her own; the other rounded her hip to follow that seam down between her buttocks. He stopped just above her anus. One finger tapped and when she failed to answer, he said, “Perhaps I should be the judge of that.”

Again, that tickling urge to laugh. “Is the devil ever lenient?” she whispered.

He tapped his finger again, and she could hear the smile in his voice “Never.”

Her whole body jerked in surprise when he shifted both hands to her bottom, gripped the seam of her lace body stocking and roughly ripped it open.

Her gasp sounded almost as loud.

“Bend over.” His hands were inside her stocking now, squeezing and kneading at the mounds of her flesh. “Feet apart. Brace yourself, hands on your knees if you have to.”

Her legs were trembling. Putting her hands on her knees helped to bolster them, but that lasted only until she felt the impact of that first slap. She caught her breath, then quickly locked her lips to keep back the moan that helplessly followed the rise of heat and sting. She wiggled her bottom. She couldn’t help that either. It wasn’t at all like she’d expected. It didn’t hurt. Not really, not as much as it felt good, and again his bare hand flattened her bare bottom, slapping down again and again, first one side and then the other, never quite striking the same place twice and igniting a sting in her skin unlike anything she had ever known. A soft mewling sound of enjoyment escaped her and she quickly clapped a hand over her mouth to keep from making another.

Behind her, the devil changed position. His arm snaked around her waist, tucking her right up against his side, and down his hand traveled, under her belly, between her legs, finding the hole in the lacy seam and penetrating to touch her as intimately as any man could. His fingers slipped within her folds and the fragrant scent of her arousal filled the air. He breathed in and then kept right on spanking, brisk slaps that warmed her, made her wriggle and yelp and even push her bottom back to meet his palm for more, and more, and more!

He chuckled.

Oh God, did she just say that out loud? Colby locked her lips even tighter, determined to be quiet if it killed her, but the devil redoubled his efforts.

It wasn’t just stinging now, it was hurting, but even that felt good. Pulsing, throbbing, bonfire-like flames licked out from her bottom and down between her legs where his fingers were gripping her, squeezing and kneading and pressing in so hard that she could feel the delicious pressure of him right against her clit.

“Please!” She panted, her back bowing, alternately dancing up on her toes and bending her knees. She could only guess how lewd she must look from behind, but nothing mattered beyond the burning intensity of his spanking hand, clapping down harder and faster, over and over again, without rest or reprieve until her breathy little gasps and moans had become lusty yelps. She was so wet she could feel it dripping down the slope of her inner thighs, and her pussy was begging his fingers to come inside so she could grip and milk at him, and he laughed that low, slow chuckle that rumbled out of him and straight into her pussy.

He suddenly let go of her, dropping with her onto a cushion of dead leaves in the bushes. His spanking hand pushed flat between her shoulder blades, forcing her nose to the musty earth.

head down, ass up

His knee knocked hers wider apart. His nipping teeth sank into the fire of her well-spanked bottom, her hip, her back. His body jerked as he worked his fly open, and then his heat was at her entrance, and in a single conquering thrust, he was in her so deeply that she could feel it in her chest.

There was no keeping back her moans now. Not anymore.

He wrapped his hand in her hair and yanked back, arching her taut. The strain in her neck and spine were nothing compared to the glorious friction of his cock, spreading her open, filling her up. His long, slow strokes began to pound hard and deep until the slap of his hips against her hot bottom felt as if he were spanking her all over again and that sent her soaring over the edge. Colby came in a burst of stars and fire, her fake bad kitty claws snapping off as she scraped deep furrows in the soft garden ground, helpless to stop her shuddering and shaking while he continued to pump and pound, his thrusts growing shorter, shallower until he finally stiffened over her with a guttural, hissing grunt. It was the only sound of rapture he made as his seed washed her quivering womb.

Afterward, she lay panting, her ragged breath billowing at the thin wisps of her hair which now lay across her face.

Gradually, the devil let her go. She fell softly onto her side and then her back. Barely able to see his smile in what little light still seeped through the bushes, she touched the side of his face. She didn’t even know his name. Maybe knowing might rob the moment of its lingering magic.

She should say something.

“I’m not going to give birth to the anti-christ now, am I?” she teased.

In the darkness, his smile grew.  “No.” He began to glow then. Not a lot, just enough for her to see his horns melting into his head. The black of his eyes shifted, becoming first normal and then just as blue as blue could be. His dark hair lightened and lengthed, flowing down like strands of gold to touch his shoulders. Even his clothes changed. The three-piece suit became the gossamer white flow of an angelic robe.

“O-ho…” Colby said, so stunned she couldn’t move, not even to blink.

His smile was so handsome and soft. “Thank you,” he said with sincerity. “This was the most wonderful vacation.”

What few coherent thoughts she managed to drag together completely scattered when his wings came out from behind his back, spreading open wide, the long white feathers as pale as the purest dove’s.

“Y-you…” she stammered. “Y-you’re an…an angel?”

Again that gentle smile, followed by a one-shouldered shrug. “Well…It was a costume party, after all.”

 Happy Halloween!

And don’t forget to answer the question (Where did the devil take her?) and then check out the other authors to be entered to win the main prizes offered by 2013’s Spank or Treat and return to Anastasia’s blog to let her know you’ve completed the circuit. Then sit back and wait for winners to be announced at the end. Have fun and good luck!

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62 thoughts on “Welcome to Spank or Treat!

    • I was so beside myself with how hot this story was that I forgot to answer the question! He took her into the garden. Maren, your story was one of my absolute favorite’s! Thank you for participating in the hop!

  1. Oh my, rumour has it he took her to Marcy’s garden, but in truth I think he took her to a cross between heaven and hell, heaven for the ecstasy, hell for the heat . Need to go for a cold shower before I read any more entries. Wonderful story Maren

  2. The ending was very awesome! The devil is a fallen angel, but this angel, though sinfully sensuous in nature, appears to be one of the “good guys” still. As for where he took her, “The devil took her out beyond the port-a-potties—classy—where Marcy’s prized flower garden was already being tucked in for the coming winter, blanketed under soft mounds of dying leaves. In this earthy and quiet place, the devil let go of her hand.” into a sleeping Garden of Eden.

  3. Holy Smokes this one is Hot! Loved it. I agree with Tara, he took her to some plain between Heaven and Hell… but in truth he took her to Mary’s orized flowerbed’s all tucked away for winter, burried in leaves.

  4. OMG Maren it got pure D hot in here! To answer your question, physically, the devil took Colby outside in the garden but I would say he actually took her to heaven. 😉

    Cat VIP
    catsbrighteyes at gmail dot com

  5. Emotionally and physcially he took her to nirvana, geographically between the port-o-potties. I like the former much better.

    Great sexy story. Thanks

  6. Loved that story!! What a fantastic twist for an ending!! He took her outside to the garden but then he took her to heaven and back! shavro6 at gmail dot com

  7. Oh my Lord!
    Maren, there is a reason you are one of my favorite authors. And this story just spoke for itself.
    Holy hotness, Batman!
    That was sooooooooooo good, and sexy, and … wow, I just completely lost my train of thought!


    This will keep me coming back for more Spank or Treating!!

    Oh, before I forget, he took her out to the garden.

    LOVED IT!!!!!!

  8. Whoa :O What an ending! Totally did not see that coming. The devil took her outside past the port a potties where the Marcy’s prized garden is.

  9. Love this! He took her (quite literally) outside, past the port-a-potties to the back of the garden… I’m loving this Spank and Treat, chock full of naughty goodness 😉
    ah, email just in case 😉 is yummycatt(at)aol(dot)com (hee, I first wrote dot come, like Casey ^, I also crack myself up 😀

  10. Very hot – and fun! Thanks, Maren!

    The devil took Colby to Marcy’s prize flower garden, and the angel took her over the edge. 😉

    Irishey (VIP)
    irisheysisle at gmail.com

  11. Outside behind the porta-potty and garden…and oh how he took her.
    “One by one, he led the zipper down the track, releasing each of its teeth in agonizing slowness.” Favorite line ever. Holy hell…incredible scene.
    brattyadaline at gmail dot com

  12. *o my* Such a nice twist. I was thoroughly enjoying the scene of “spanked by the devil,” and with those last few lines you made this story that much more wicked and delightful. Costume party, indeed!

  13. Great story!!! What could be more fun that a costume party spanking? The “devil” took her to the garden (behind the oh-so-romantic porta potties!) for his fun!

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