Only out for a couple of days…

And already I’ve got two 5-star reviews! Woot!

2 thoughts on “Only out for a couple of days…

  1. Hi maren. I just read holding Hannah. I loved it. I actually cried. I loved that Sam was able to understand her wounds. The blood part freaked me out a bit – but otherwise, it was a perfect combination of sexiness, and emotional strength. Thank you. Rachel

    • You are welcome, Rachel! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. I hope you’ll revisit them for the sequel that is going to be their story, although I’ll admit you may be reluctant because of the blood play, of which there will be some mention. I choose blood play as the kink for them for two reasons: one, there are many people who have this kind of attraction whether it be exorcised through cutting, biting or vampirism, and two, because I’d never seen it done before. The whole point of the Masters of the Castle series for me was to show the beautiful side of all the different aspects of the bdsm world. It’s not just ‘smacking ass and pulling hair’ as Jackson would say. 🙂 As I said, I’m very happy that you liked Holding Hannah, and I’m thrilled that you would take the time to write and tell me so. You have a wonderful morning and a great weekend!

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