9/21 Saturday Spankings

So, I’m on the road, traveling my way across the wilds of the U.S. and stopping at every attraction that catches our eye. So far, we have seen mining museums, pioneer museums, a drive-thru safari and 1800s village preserved via desert conditions and (probably) no small amount of human intervention. I have no idea what book this is all going into, but I’m thoroughly enjoying myself because, yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s just the kind of nerd I am! We even stopped to see the aquarium in Sandy City, Utah, but it was closed so instead we went to an aquarium store. Hey, looking at fish is still looking at fish!

Anyway, it is time once again for Saturday Spankings. Since you’re here, you probably want to read mine. 🙂 But when you’re done, don’t forget to click the icon below and check out what all the other talented author’s have submitted for your enjoyment this week!

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I’m taking another snippet from Saving Sara because….drum roll, please!….IT’S ALMOST HERE!!! I’ve been told it might even be published before October. I’ll let you know when I know, but…squeee! So excited!

Jackson and Sara are alone in his apartment for the first time. Discipline is done, but Jackson let his emotions run away with him and now thinks he’s taken it too far.

* * * * *

He could hear the tears thick in her voice. She sounded hoarse, raspy, but then, she’d done a lot of yelling and crying while he’d been blistering her ass. Shaking his head again, Jackson made himself open the door. Harder still was the effort it took to look at her, but he made himself see the damage he’d done in all its ugliness—her disheveled hair, her red-rimmed eyes and nose, her flushed cheeks streaked with the tracks of more tears than he cared to count.

For a long time, they simply looked at one another, and then she bent and knelt at his feet. Reaching for his hand—the hand he had spanked her with—Sara pressed a tender kiss into his palm before tucking her cheek against it.

“Please, Master Jackson,” she whispered, and began to cry all over again. “Please don’t be angry with me. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

* * * * *

The blurb for Saving Sara:

Once upon a time, Jackson and Sara were friends. Close friends. Friends with benefits, even. For him, making that leap into a committed relationship seemed like a no-brainer. For her, it was scary as hell. Having seen more than one submissive become lost in the illusion of a dungeon relationship incapable of surviving in real life, and now on the verge of falling in love herself, Sara has no idea who she’s falling in love with: Jackson the reality, or the masterful illusion.

Then the accident happened and with Jackson offering to take care of her, that’s when Sara knew–she was going to lose herself in the illusion. Terrified, she ran.

Now, years later, Jackson is chief of security for The Castle–the hottest BDSM fantasy resort in the country. Summoned to the dungeon on a trouble call, Sara is the last person he expects to find huddled up against the bathroom wall. After three long years filled with even longer nights, he’s had plenty of time to consider all he’d do if ever she fell back into his life. When he sees his chance, he doesn’t hesitate. One day—that’s all he has before the buses come and Sara runs again. One day to rekindle old passions, to bury old fears, to prove once and for all just what is illusion and what is not.

One day.

Welcome to The Castle.

34 thoughts on “9/21 Saturday Spankings

    • I’m glad you like it! It’s one of my personal, favorite images: kneeling at the feet of the one who has corrected you, bottom burning, with the hand that spanked you cradling your cheek…yeah, I like that image.

  1. Maren, this is awesome! In just a few sentences, you’ve captured the aftermath of a spanking as well as a lovely image of a D/s relationship. I love this snippet, and I can’t wait for the story to come out!

  2. This was simply beautiful. I love how you displayed her submission to him after the spanking, reaching for the hand that spanked her.
    This sounds like a couple I could quickly fall in love with. Looking forward to Sara!

  3. She just cannot get that bus. Simple. I forbid it.
    What lovely imagery you use, the dishevelled hair, red eyes, kissing his hand, all wonderful.

    • Well, if you forbid…lol! I am a big fan of HEAs, especially in BDSM stories because, gosh darn it, they do sometimes happen! So, it’s very rare if I don’t put an HEA on one of my stories. However, I think you’ll like this one. 🙂

  4. I must say I cant wait this is a resolution story. !!! I’m a terribly curious person and looked for hints to if Hannah and Sam lasted all through layperson story to be disappointed although I love all your books with all your names 🙂

    • Sam and Hannah will get their own story, but they do make appearances in Saving Sara and you’ll be able to glean hints as to how they are progressing by some of what they say and do. 🙂 I really hope to have their story ready for January’s publication. I hope, I hope, I hope!

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