Potluck Pleasures Cookbook Update

I do not have words to describe how much it has meant to have so many people send their prayers, their support, and their hard-earned money to help my friend, someone you all don’t even know. Here is an update on the book: The orders have been received and placed with the printing company. We hope to have the cookbooks all printed out and in our hands by mid-to-late September. I am hoping to participate in the massive mailing-out party that follows, so I will be sure to let you all know when they ship so you can expect them.

Here is an update on my friend: I don’t know how much to say without invading her privacy, so I will say this instead: The cancer has spread. The doctors are talking less about treatment and more about making her comfortable. No human being comes with an expiration date. She’s still smiling. I saw her the last time I was up there. She still has a lot of good days and so, the ride isn’t over yet.

At times like this, everyone has their own personal, religious beliefs. Mine are very simple: Nobody gets out of life alive, but that doesn’t mean we end. All debate on the existence of souls aside, the impacts we have here and now on the lives of family and friends, sometimes perfect strangers on the street, can go on for generations. We’re ripples on a pond, softly altering the courses of the people we touch. In this way, ripples can go on forever.

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