Interview with Master Marshall

Lisa in a comment on a previous post wrote: I’d like a brochure to the castle please. I’m looking forward to Sara and Jackson. Could you do like Willy Wanka did and put some golden tickets to the castle behind the cover when it comes out? I’ll pre-order five copies if you do.

I laughed a little and started to write back: ‘Oh sure, I could print up the tickets. The only problem is, then I’d have to build the castle, staff it…’ And that’s as far as I got before it suddenly occurred to me, what kind of interview process would result from that?

Interviewer: “Thank you for coming, Mr…?”

Master Marshall: “Master.”

I: “What?”

MM: “You said Mister. I prefer Master. Master Marshall, or just plain Master is fine.”

I: “…O-okay. Um…well, ahem…Let’s continue, shall we?”

MM: “Certainly.”

I: “It says here you’ve got experience with…”

MM: “Kneel down please.”

Interviewer, blinking, startled: “I-I’m sorry?”

MM: “Not yet.” Slow smile. “But give me a few minutes and I think we could easily get to that point. I said kneel. I am not in the habit of repeating myself, but you’re new and I’m willing to be patient…to a point. Kneel.”

Flustered, Interviewer looks back down at paper. Tries to press on with the interview: “I-it says here you’ve got experience in—”

Master Marshall stands, walks over, slides hand through interviewer’s hair, fists and drags her down off the chair: “I said kneel. Patience has its virtues, but only to a point. Crawl. Good girl. That’s right, all the way back to my chair. There’s a pretty picture. You stay just like that, kneeling at my feet while I look my fill. Now, what was it you wanted to ask about my past experiences?”

I: “I-I j-just wanted—”

MM: “Why don’t you take off your shirt?”

I: “Please, Mr. Leaf—Ah! I-I mean Master! Master! Owowow! Please let go of my nipple!”

MM: “Whether I do or not depends entirely upon you.” He relaxes his hold and begins to caress instead. “You don’t listen very well. I asked you to call me Master, and you failed to comply. I also told you to remove your shirt, and so far, you haven’t done that either. I think from here on out we’ll both feel better if the remainder of this interview is conducted with you attired a little more appropriately. And by that, I do mean attired in nothing at all. Do you need help removing your clothing, or can you do it yourself?”

Interviewer, trying to grumble, but already nervously cooperating: “I can do it, I can do it.”

MM: “Very well.” Releases his grip. “Did I give you permission to rub? No, I did not. So what should you be doing instead?”

Interviewer starts to stand.

MM: “Did I give you permission to get off your knees?”

Interviewer: “N-no, sir.” Kneels back down and quickly takes off clothes.

MM: “Very pretty. You have an attractive body. Full-figured woman. Curved in all the right places. Very appealing. I assume you want to know what makes me the ideal candidate to hire as head Dom for a place like The Castle.”

Interviewer, blushing furtively: “It would be helpful to get this interview back on track, yes sir, please.”

MM: “Put your hands behind your head. Arch your back. You have pretty little nipples and I have a pair of nipple clamps in my coat pocket that will look lovely against your skin. I’m going to put them on you now. No, don’t shake your head. I don’t recall giving you a say in the matter. I said, don’t move.”

I: “Ah!”

MM: “There, how does that feel?”

I: “Ow! Owowow!”

MM: “Too tight?”

Interviewer, whimpering: “Yes…oh!”

MM: “Here, let me fix that.”

I: “OW! You’re making them tighter!”

MM: “Of course I am. By all means, keep complaining. It only makes me want to tighten them more. You see, this is part of what qualifies me above all the other candidates sitting out there in your waiting room. I love submissive women. I love tears, soft cries, squeals of pain and sighs of pleasure. I love moaning, and writhing, and the soft blush of a well-spanked bottom humping upon my knee because it stings too much to hold still. I love the liquid drip of a pussy so hotly aroused that it takes nothing more than a look to make you cum. Do you want to cum for me, little girl?

Master Marshall leans forward, elbows on knees, bringing his face very close to Interviewer’s. “Shall I take your pretty little clit between my fingers and make your whole body tremble and sing? Shall I put you across my knee and spank you until you weep like the naughty little girl I’ve named you? Shall I tie you down, your hands above your head and your legs spread wide apart, with a ball gag in your mouth, a dildo in your cunt and another in your ass? Shall I use the Hitachi wand to force you to orgasm again, and again, and again, until I have wrung away the very last shreds of strength and energy you have left, until you can’t move, until you can’t cry, until you can barely even breathe?”

He smiles again, a slow, even, predatory smile. “Your eyes are dilated. Your chest heaves. The thought frightens you almost as much as it titillates. You don’t think you can give as much as I am about to demand. But you see, that’s what makes me the best at what I do. I really don’t care how much you think you can give me, because I’m not just going to take that, I’m going to take more. Ten times more. More pleasure, more pain, more everything. I will do things to your body that you’ve never thought to dream of. I will touch you in ways and to depths no one else ever has. You’ll beg me to stop, but you’ll be praying I don’t listen. And by the end, you’ll know what it feels like to weep tears of desperate wanting all the way down in the depths of your soul. No one will ever own you the way I am about to. I am Master Marshall. I am the Master of the Castle, and I am the only man for this job.”

So, is he hired?

9 thoughts on “Interview with Master Marshall

  1. Oh my… i just finished reading and reviewing Kaylee’s Keeper a couple days ago and that book is *still* with me! Master Marshal is pretty hot, and i loved Kaylee! This book is also going to be the Book of the Month for September on my Goodreads Group (The Erogenous Zone). i’m stirring up my group members to be the next little participants to visit The Castle, i know they’ll love the book as much as i did.

    And this “interview…” well… just.. WOW! *squirm*

    • Thank you so much, Kitten-Girl! If it weren’t so wildly inappropriate, I’d be tempted to join just so I could see what people had to say–good and bad. Instead, I’ll just say, enjoy your ‘trip’ to the Castle, and may everyone in your group find a kink there they like! 😀

  2. That is hilarious! I like your books – but the interview is Great!
    Where is this fantastic humor in the books? (Loved your reply to the complaint letter too – by the way.
    Entertaining stuff ! Thanks!

    • Admittedly, some of my books are more humorous than others. It depends on the story and (of course) my mood when I’m writing them. I’m glad you’re enjoying Masters of the Castle. I hope you’ll like the next in the series, Saving Sara, every bit as much! 🙂

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