Submissive, Author…Spy!

Over the last couple weeks, I have come to a rather…okay, amusing (for me) realization. I spend an enormous amount of time at my desk. I write every single day–rain or shine, holiday or vacation–my Alphasmart or my laptop go with me every single time I leave the house. If I have to go ‘old school’, I’ll bring a notebook, but God help me, because nobody can read my handwriting any more…and that does include me. The point is, if I’m not writing, chance are very good that I’m answering email or Facebook messages and talking to my fellow authors.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have known some of you for 12+ years or more. And yet, it wasn’t until I put out my little request for Potluck Pleasures that I suddenly become shockingly aware of 1.) how genuinely wonderful you all are, and the fact that 2.) I don’t know any of you by your real names.

Now, I was able to identify some of those who responded and I want to thank each and every one of you. My fellow authors, on the other hand, were a little harder to identify and those were the people I thought I knew the best! And then it occurred to me: Authors, we’re like spies. We don’t skulk around the house in tench coats humming the theme music to Mission Impossible or James Bond…at least, I don’t think we do…nana nana–no, no wait. That’s Batman. Never mind, never mind. The important thing is, we tend to guard our true identities for fear of someday receiving that unexpected knock on the front door at three in the morning, whereupon we open to find ourselves confronted by sweet, little, old ladies with deeply-disturbing Peter Lorre’s voices, saying, “I really liked your book.”

True story. Happened to me.

Okay, the Peter Lorre’s part might be a slight exaggeration, but the meat of the issue holds true. We guard who we are because the world is full of readers, fans and crazies and the crazies mapquest!

I am getting way off the point here, but what I really wanted to do was thank everyone who ordered a copy of Potluck Pleasures or donated outright. If you haven’t and you want to, there is still a little time left, just please send me a little heads-up message so when I invariably get that email asking, “Um, is this one of your people?” I can say with confidence, “Yes! I know exactly who that is!”

If you’d like a copy of the book, but things are tight right now, message me. I ordered 12 copies and God and my husband knows I don’t cook! lol I still have four with no home to send them on to. And for those who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, but would like to, click here.

And lastly, just an FYI for those who want to help or already have: The deadline for placing an order is August 14. We will then place the entire mass order to the printing company, and I will let everyone know when the books are received. Since I’m also volunteering for the mass mail-out party sure to follow, I’ll post when they’re shipped so you’ll all know when to expect them.

Once again, thank you, thank you, and thank you once again. The support this project has received has been wonderful and the funds are going to be so gratefully received.

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  1. I’ve also recently discovered how giving, caring, & supportive this community really is. I have been praying for your friend.

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