The Devil of Whiskey Row

Devil of Whiskey Row

I don’t think I have the words to say how much I adored Daddy Diggs. When I first started reading romances, I cut my teeth on westerns. So when I saw Renee Rose had a new book out, I thought, ‘Oh hey. Western. All right!’ I bought it, saved it in my queue for a truly crummy day when nothing else was going right and I’d want a pick-me-up. When I finally pulled this book out, I was not disappointed. The Devil of Whiskey Row was wonderful.

When a rival brothel goes up in flames, Jake doesn’t hesitate. He runs to join the fire brigade and when he realizes someone’s still in the blazing inferno, grabs a blanket and dashes inside. The best thing to happen to either of them, was rescuing Cora from that burning building. He even goes one step further, giving Cora a job at Daddy Diggs’s gambling hall, brothel and saloon, but from the moment Cora sets foot through the Devil’s door, neither one of them is destined to be the same.

The characters are richly developed. The story is solid and wonderful, gritty in the same way that the movie Unforgiven pulls no punches showing just how wild the Wild West likely was. And yet, woven in with all that grit are pockets of love and hope and healing for two people who couldn’t deserve it more.

Daddy Diggs hit all the right buttons for me. It was sweet in parts, sexy in others, down right hot where it ought to be and it didn’t let up until the very end. It was well-written, but like I said, this is a Renee Rose book and this author is very good at what she does. If you are looking for a spanking romance you can lose yourself in and think fondly of for days after, look no further than this novella.

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  1. The first romance I ever read was a western by Louis L’amour and I still feel my heart stutter when I think of the hero, Clay Bell. My copy of that book was held together by yellowed Sellotape and for years it was one of my most cherished possessions. Ahh hell, as I’m going to download this book I think I’ll get a copy of Guns of the Timberlands at the same time…for old times sake and because good books feel like good friends. You’re always happy to see them again

    • I read that one! Oh wow. Clay Bell…now there’s a trip down memory lane. lol, great. I need to see if I’ve still got that book. Isn’t it funny how some heroes just stay with you?

    • My first Louis L’amour was about Tell Sackett, and I co-read it with my father. We read every one of the Sackett books, then the rest of the L’amour books together and discussed them over dinner, but the Sackett boys stuck with me, especially after I saw Sam Elliot in the movie. Swoon. As for this book, I read it a few months ago, and I have to say, I definitely give it two thumbs up for all the reasons mentioned in the review. Renee Rose does deliver.

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