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I posted this on Facebook this morning, but thought I’d bring it here as well. I don’t often do this. You will likely never see another request like this on my blog ever again. However, it hit me close to home and I could not sit idly by and do nothing. Here is this morning’s post:

A member of the group to which I belong has cancer and it’s not going well. As she has no medical insurance and bills beyond belief, in an effort to do something to help her, our group put together a potluck cookbook featuring 200 (more or less) of our favorite recipes. I think I donated 15–all family favorites like my incredibly good potato soup and Robin’s Cheesy Hamster Enchiladas (no hamsters are harmed in the making of said dish–chickens, on the other hand, not so lucky).

Now, I am buying 10 copies of this book despite the fact that I have nowhere near that many people to give it to. If anyone would like one of those copies, please message me privately. I don’t ask to be repaid the cost of the book; I’ll even spring for shipping. It just feels wrong to throw them away.

Since posting that message this morning, I’ve received so many positive emails of support and well-wishes for my friend, and inquiries about how to help. So, this is the information I have.

If you want to buy your own cookbook, you can do so here: http://www.potluckpleasures.com   This is the direct link to place your order. If you want to go that route, you need to place them by August 14th.

I have also received inquiries about donating privately, but without the expectation of receiving a cookbook in return. We don’t have anything set up to do that at this time. However, you can send your donation to me and I’ll get it to the group, (I’m driving up now every two weeks), OR you can wait for a little bit. I am driving up there tomorrow and we’ll try to figure out what we need to set up to be able to do this.

Thank you so much to everyone who has already messaged me. You have no idea how overwhelmed I have been by your outpouring of support and willingness to help someone you don’t even know. This means more to me and to my group and, most importantly, to our friend, than I could ever hope to express in words.


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