Kaylee’s Keeper has arrived!

It’s out! It’s out! Kaylee’s Keeper has arrived on Kindle (I’m not yet sure about Nook, but it’s coming). You can click the below picture to go to Amazon’s info page:


Welcome to The Castle.

Kaylee Waters has saved her pennies for almost two years, mentally debated for six months, changed her mind no less than two-dozen times and finally purchased a three-day pass to what promised to be the vacation of a lifetime: The Castle, the kinkiest theme-resort-to-end-all-vacation-resorts.

So what if she’d fibbed a little on her online application? (Everyone does!) So what if she’d never “actually” engaged in BDSM before? (She’s thought about it a lot.) So what if she’d never even been spanked? (She’s read tons of books.) This was the Castle, after all, and it promised to change everything. Unfortunately, her first scenario is a catastrophe and sends her from the room in tears, only to be sent to Master Marshall’s office – like a bad girl sent before the principal.

Marshall Leaf, founding partner of The Castle, has seen a lot in the three years since the resort opened, but Ms. Kaylee Waters pretty much takes the prize. As far as he can determine, the only truthful thing on her application is her name, and he’s not even completely sure about that. She lied so heinously about her past experiences (which are exactly zilch) that what he should do is refund her money and put her on a fast bus home. Instead, for reasons he can’t quite understand, he gives her the first spanking of her life, and then sends her back out into the resort. He doesn’t give a damn whether she wanted the spanking or not: it was exactly what she needed.

Kaylee should be ecstatic. She’s already gotten a spanking, and The Castle is perfect: everything she’s dreamed of – and more. She can be anything she wants: sassy maid, naughty schoolgirl, bad “baby” in the nursery, captured princess in the dungeon. But, even though the ice has been broken, why isn’t she still fitting in anywhere? Why does everything just feel wrong? Why does she break the rules again and again, and find herself right back in Master Marshall’s office?

Why indeed?

“Kaylee’s Keeper” is the second book in Maren Smith’s Masters of the Castle series. Set three years after “Holding Hannah: Masters of the Castle Book One,” (Amazon AISN: B00DRITL3Y) it is a stand-alone story. Kaylee’s Keeper features explicit BDSM themes in a romance setting, including spanking, anal play, mouth-washing, schoolroom play, and lots more. If these themes offend you, don’t buy this book.

6 thoughts on “Kaylee’s Keeper has arrived!

  1. Just finished Kaylees Keeper and I loved it. Almost BDSM 101!! No joking aside – it really gave so much information about so many aspects of the lifestyle. The story line was terrific. Sexy. Scary. Romantic. Funny. Great follow up to Holding Hannah. It was fun to get just a little peak at Sam and (presumed) Hannah too. Yep. Definately want to read more stories about The Castle. Oops, did I say I loved the ending?

    • I am so happy you like it. I have been absolutely blown away by all the positive feedback this story has brought. I know you’ve read my work in the past. I’ve seen some of your other reviews, so it really means a lot that you stopped by to let me know you enjoyed it this much. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. I loved both Masters of the Castle books Kaylee’s Keeper & Holding Hannah you have email list to be notified of next Castle book. Get busy writing we are waiting.

    • Hi, Katy! Thank you for stopping by to let me know you enjoyed the books! I really appreciate that. Not a lot of people bother with reviews or feedback anymore, so when it happens, it’s always such a thrill to know you did it right!

      If you look on the first page of my blog, in the upper right corner there is a blue/purple box with the title Saving Sara. That is the next book in the MotC series. As you can see, I just started it. I fully expect it to be as long or longer than Kaylee’s Keeper and I don’t expect to have it ready until October. But I am determined to get it out this year and, hopefully maybe even the fourth (Ana Adored–another short side-story for a friend) by January. You can subscribe to my blog, if you like. As I get close to finishing, I’ll start posting excerpts to let people catch sneak peaks of the story and eventually I’ll announce when the projected release date is going to hit.

      Again, thank you so much for letting me know how much you liked the story. It’s always such a thrill when that happens. 🙂

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