New Release: Masters of the Castle: Holding Hannah

It’s out, it’s out!


Available on Amazon and Blushing Books for 2.99, this is the story that launches my new series, Masters of the Castle. This is just a quick little prequel to Kaylee’s Keeper, which is due out on Saturday, but if the series is successful, then these two characters will get their own book later on. 🙂

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Hannah Alder used to know who she was. She used to be strong, have confidence…then the thing happened, and suddenly Hannah seems to have lost everything…including herself.

Freshly-released from her father’s hospital, she is banished from home, sent to live with an uncle who puts her to work for the summer, interning under the chief building inspector in a small Ohio town. No one knows her, yet – somehow – everyone seems to know exactly why she’s there.

It’s while on the job that Hannah first discovers The Castle, a massive stone structure set in the wheat fields of Ohio. It’s soon-to-be THE vacation destination for the kink-inclined…if the Doms who run it can ever get it properly permitted and licensed, but Hannah’s nasty boss is determined that that will never happen. While on an inspection visit, one Dom in particular catches Hannah’s eye: Master Sam–strong, dark, wickedly-attractive, every inch of him the very last thing someone like Hannah needs in her life.

Sam Cooper sees Hannah coming a mile away, looking horribly out-of-place in a poorly-fitted business suit, Girl Friday to the building-inspector who’s determined to shut them down before they even open. Sam is experienced in the BDSM world, a partner in a major kink-friendly resort…definitely not his first rodeo. Yet what he sees in Hannah’s astonished eyes as he gives her a private tour of The Castle makes him do something he can’t believe: he slips her his business card.

Will Hannah call? Of course not. Not when she’s working so hard to get back everything she’s lost. She’s getting better after all…

Sometimes what you fight the hardest, is what you need the most.

Welcome to the Castle.

6 thoughts on “New Release: Masters of the Castle: Holding Hannah

  1. Hi,

    Many years ago when you had the bad girls corner website, I bought your first story and you and your sisters went out to dinner to celebrate. Several years later I found you again on Discipline and Desire and joined that since I really liked your writing. About a month ago I read the authors interview on that website and you mentioned that the short story Mr Paddle was a real life accounting of something that had transpired. I really wanted to read it, but when I tried to buy the collection it was in, Spanking Tails 3, the link didnt work. So I searched online some more and then stumbled on this blog, when showed me that Amazon carried your stuff but I needed to have a Kindle. I had an amazon account, but I have a family and my eldest son, already has a kindle registered to my account.

    So two weeks ago, I created this new email account so I could create a new amazon account, so I could buy a new Kindle and have something totally separate and private in order to buy and read your stories. I bought a couple of your previous collections and I read them during down time and I was quite happy with my decision. However, a couple days ago I saw your post about your new novels and bought them as well. I read Holding Hanna last night and am about a third of the way through Kaylee’s Keeper at the moment. I have liked alot of your short stories in the past especially the stinking fish trilogy but I really really like these last two books.

    I have never thought I would own a kindle, am an Ipad person but I bought it just to read your stuff and I am very glad I did. Just wanted to let you know and I hope you continue to make more stories.

    • We remember you! I am so happy to hear from you again! I’m glad you like the new series. I really am, and I’ve already got the next one started. So, it’s pretty safe to say I’m not going anywhere just yet. 🙂

      On a side note: Kindles are addictive little buggers, aren’t they? I have a Kindle and Robin just got a Nook (ostensibly to check and make sure the formatting on all our books was correct). It took exactly twelve seconds for both to be subverted into vehicles for purposes other than reading. Did you know you can watch Netflix on there? Sound quality sucks, but the picture’s pretty good. And damn that Candy Crush! I’m so thoroughly stuck on the chocolate level that I think I have no choice but to go back to simply reading again. lol

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