Spankee Doodle Winners and A Quiet Observation

First, the quiet observation: Just because the hubby offers, in a quiet moment, to rub your feet, that doesn’t make it a good idea to suddenly start calling him ‘Man Slave’.

Quiet observation #2: ‘House Bitch’ is an even worse idea.

Okay, and now for the winners of the Spankee Doodle blog hop.

Adaline Raine: the Wizards in Publication consultation of a manuscript up to 15K! Good luck, Addy! I hope you’ll use your prize to work on your very first F/F story. :)


Erzabet Bishop: Patty Devlin book bundle

His First Mate: Stormy Night Publications book bundle

Gemini: LazyDay Publishing book bundle

Fiona/SirQsmlb: Decadent Publishing book bundle

These books should keep you busy (and maybe even out of trouble) until Spank or Treat 2013 rolls around. Happy reading!


Kelly Adams: Custom-made Spankee Doodle paddle from Blondie’s Place! Enjoy getting in touch with your spanky side!


The Long Bean: $20 Amazon gift certificate, donated by Stormy Night Publications!

Irishey: $25 Blushing Books gift certificate, donated by Patty Devlin

Books, books, and more books!


And for our two extra-grand prizes, let’s give Blushing another round of thank yous.

Pao wins the $100 gift certificate to Blushing! Now you can keep current with books from all of your favorite authors.

And Cat is the lucky winner of the Kindle Fire/Nook Color (her choice)!

As for my own personal giveaway: I had two Spankee Doodle posts, so I decided to draw two winners: Bookswagger and Kelly Adams. Both have been notified and the books have been sent. 🙂 Please let me know if, for whatever reason, you didn’t receive them! And thank you to everyone for your participation!

2 thoughts on “Spankee Doodle Winners and A Quiet Observation

  1. lol, that’s okay. I was pretty well spitting apologies before he was done with me. 🙂 One of these days I’ll learn to control what I say…and what a boring ol’ world this will be then!

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