Lighting the Way by Anastasia Vitsky


I laughed, I cried. It sounds like the opening line to a comedy spoof I remember from way back when except that…I really did. I read a million (okay, slight exaggeration…maybe) books, but I only write a very rare few reviews, particularly among my contemporaries. After finishing this book, I was moved to write this one.

Anastasia Vitsky has created a wonderfully well-written and soul-touching story about friendship, family, spanking, growing up, falling in love, losing the way and finding it back again. Everything wasn’t magically all better just because you reached that certain part of the book where you know it ought to be coming back together again. The characters had to work for it and that for me made it feel so much more real. She hit my emotional keys like only a really good author can and created two women who could have stepped right off the page and been as real to me as anyone I physically know. By the end of the book, they were my friends too. Whether you are a fan of F/f or not, I highly recommend reading Lighting the Way. I have become an Anastasia Vitsky fan for life.

6 thoughts on “Lighting the Way by Anastasia Vitsky

  1. Oh, wow. Goodness. I think so much of your work, Maren, and to have these kinds of words from you is such an honor. “Thank you” seems like such a silly thing to say, but it’s all that I can say. Thank you. These words would be a wonderful compliment from anyone, but they mean even more coming from an author whose work I admire a great deal.

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