Saturday Spankings 6/1

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I’m going to do one more from Jinxie’s Orchids and than I’ll put this story up and go to a different one. When you’re done here, though, don’t forget to click the above picture and check out all the other very talented authors.

The set-up: Deep in the Amazon jungle now, Takura and Jinxie have taken refuge with a tribe of friendly natives, where hospitality has included laundry service (via the creek where their clothes are currently drip drying–Takura doesn’t mind going starkers, but he’s made Jinxie a kind of leaf dress for modesty), supper and a little too much of the local beverage to drink, Having taken the cup from her for the last time, Takura is about to put her to bed.

* * * * *

“Levina,” he said, stalking her from the opposite side of the bonfire.  “Am I going to have to put you across my knee, right here in front of all these very nice people?”

“You men and your two good licks.”  Unwilling to be threatened, she laughed instead and stamped her feet, no longer trying to match the other dancers but letting the music and the alcohol move her.  She beckoned to him, the pendulum swing of her hips drawing him teasingly closer as she dangled that cup just beyond his reach.  The look she gave him as she twirled around was one of pure wantonness and wanting.  She smirked. “I’ll give you two good licks.”

She dashed in then, taking advantage of his surprise to catch the back of his neck and pull him closer.  She leaned right into his chest and the tip of her tongue flicked out, tasting him once, then twice, and then she let him go.  She danced away laughing; Takura was no longer smiling, a strange intensity had robbed all expression from his dark face.  No one had ever looked at her like that before; it was exhilarating and a little frightening, and she quickly twirled her way around the other dancers until she had the tall fire between them again.


Blurb: Levina “Jinxie” Wainwright knows there’s more to life than copying file cards in the tombs of her fiancé’s museum. What she doesn’t know is what that ‘more’ might be.

While unpacking a crate shipped from the Amazon, she finds a strange flower smashed in amongst the packing leaves. One of the best amateur botanists in Boston, when Levina can’t readily identify the orchid, she knows she’s found something special, something previously unknown to science, something that could help prove she’s more than just a jinx. All she has to do is journey to the Amazon, find more of these strange orchids and bring them home again.

What could possibly go wrong?

Jaguars, caimans and headhunters, oh my…Jinxie’s Orchids is a 47,890 word historical romance that features spanking, interracial sexual situations, and some naked romping through the jungle. If you are uncomfortable with such content, please do not purchase this book. You have been warned.

Available now on Amazon!

28 thoughts on “Saturday Spankings 6/1

  1. *wow* This is very hot. I like your descriptive phrases, especially ” letting the music and the alcohol move her.” This is delightful writing, and you know how to set a hot scene.

  2. I have all your books and love every one. Jinxie is such a naughty girl, but she’s not really bad; she’s just written to be that way. (Okay, so my Jessica Rabbit quote is a little tortured.) LOL

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