Saturday Spankings 5/25

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This snippet is from my soon to be released novel–Masters of the Castle, Book One: Kaylee’s Keeper (hopefully, that’s what we’ve decided to call it now–lol).

In this scene, having been caught in a lie, Kaylee is receiving her very first, very real spanking.

* * * * *

For years she had fantasized about this and, on the surface, this was exactly what she thought she’d always wanted—strong, authoritative man, check; real life spanking instead of some bullshit game of pat-a-cake, check; lots of kicking, fussing and crying while the hairbrush continued to rain its blistering bite all over her squirming bottom, double check. Triple, quadruple check even, with lots of pain-filled stars to emphasis the agony that was ravaging her from behind.

This was everything she’d ever imagined and yet nothing like she’d thought it was supposed to be. It didn’t feel good; it burned like a bonfire. It stung, every fresh, crisp smack of that awful, awful brush suffusing her bottom with swarm after swarm of angry, relentless bees. This wasn’t thirty spanks. There was no way it could only be thirty. Thirty was laughable—thirty was child’s play! In the spanking videos, it was never just thirty, it was always hundreds. She knew; she’d counted.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed my snippet. 🙂 Be sure to click back and check out the other talented authors on this week’s Saturday Spankings Blop Hop!

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