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Lord, blogs for me are like New Year’s resolutions. Every year I seem to make one, but I can never manage to keep up with it for very long. Let’s face it, my characters live far more exciting lives than I do. They get to do all the fun stuff I can only dream about–cavorting with sexy demons, running wild with Alpha weres, attending dungeon spanking parties while exploring their dominance and their submission respectively. What do I do? I sit at a computer all day long, slowly but surely wearing the letters off my keyboard. This is a brand new keyboard, too. Already the ‘a’ and ‘s’ are completely gone. Apparently, I write ‘ass’ a lot.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. Congratulations on your new blog! Authors that have their own blog or website help readers so much in finding them to look up their work. So, I am super excited that you started a blog! Even if you participate just enough to let us know about your work or wip it is worth it!

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